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wilderness summer camp staff leader


Real Name: Margaux M
Occupation: Alpenguide, University Student
Aliases: La Flaca, Margui, Jubilee, Papita
Birthplace: Aibonito, Puerto Rico
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Viva’s super powers are enthusiasm, flexibilty and humor. This funny girl can flow with anything unexpected, and stretch so far that her feet touch her head!  She can make all sorts of weird and funny poses and turn a frown upside down in just 1 second. Without a doubt if you are having a hard time she can relate, make you smile, and help you see the joy of being alive!

Abilities: Viva's superpowers started the day she started dancing ballet as a little girl and her elasticity, love of life, and good sense of humor have been growing ever since. She brings her trademark enthusiasm to each opportunity she encounters. She loves the amazing feeling of success and pride that comes from completing a challenging activity or journey, and excels at encouraging those around her to succeed as well, especially when they are really hard. Viva can turn a tough moment into a proud one, a new community into a home, and a rainy day into a sunny-fun day.

History: Viva was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She grew up on a farm in the high tropical mountains in a beautiful old house, just a short trip from the beach. When she was little, her favorite things were enjoying nature with her father, sleeping out on the farm, and camping; especially on Culebra Island. Viva was a dedicated ballet dancer for 10 years and also loved everything to do with animals and the outdoors. Her first serious adventure was with Alpengirl Camp when she was just 11 years old. This was a really different experience for her because she had never been so far away from home, especially with girls she didn't know at first. But once she arrived, she made amazing friends and learned incredible skills. From then on she knew she wanted to return every summer and maybe one day even become an Alpenguide! Viva has participated in Alpengirl almost every summer since her 1st as either a returning camper, an intern, or an Alpenguide, and has done all the adventures available (and some twice!) Today she is living her dream as an Alpenguide and is following in the footsteps of some great role models - the Alpenguides before her. Viva is fluent in Spanish and is Wilderness First Responder & CPR certified. 

Current Base and Operations: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Viva has a passion for agriculture, botany and ecology and loves learning new things about science and the environment. Viva is attending college at La Universidad de Puerto Rico de Mayaguez. Recently she has been living in Guadalajara, Mexico learning about new cultures and studying agriculture. She plans on leading trips for Alpengirl in the summers, and traveling the world as often as possible discovering new adventure!