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  • Alpengirl Summer Camp Guides
    Backpacking with Pre-teen & Teen Girls
  • Teamwork at Outdoor Summer Camp
    Two Alpenguides and an Intern - Team Leadership
  • Summer Camp Guides and Leadership Work
    Alpenguides are Role Models & Mentors
  • Transportation and Drving at Summer Camp
    Staff Training Includes Behind the Wheel Driving Evaluation
  • Canoeing at Summer Camp Staff Training
    Alpenguides Demonstrating Canoe Skills at Staff Training
  • Camp Is a Group Experience
    Alpenguides Facilitate Positive Group Experiences
  • Awards Ceremony and Camp Staff
    A Memorable Moment at the Awards Ceremony
  • Active and Involved Camp Director
    An In-Field Visit From the Camp Director
  • Summer Camp Staff Training Tire Changing
    Yes We Can! We Know How to Change Tires
  • Summer Camp Staff Having Fun with Campers
    Alpenguides are Playful - We Have Fun with Our Girls!
  • Outdoor Fun on the Water at Camp
    Alpenguides Are the Camp Photographers
  • Summer Camp Staff Group Photo
    A Small but Mighty Staff Group
  • Make Friends with Co-Workers at Camp
    Meet Your New Best Friend - Co-Leading Trips at Alpengirl
  • Summer Girls Camp Talent Show
    Alpenguides Participate in the Alpengirl Talent Shows

Hiring Outdoor Teen Camp Guides

Alpengirl hires a few new summer camp staffers each year.

2-3 wilderness guides (Alpenguides) are leading small groups of less than 12 pre-teen and teen girls on 1 or 2-week overnight adventure travel trips. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:6 or 1:4. We are very selective in who we hire because we understand that our camp staff IS Alpengirl.

Alpengirl guides are typically hired to work consecutive trips for the entire summer, starting in Montana for pre-season camp staff training in mid-June and lasting through the end of the camp season in mid-August.

Alpenguides from last summer were ages 20-36 (average age is 26). Our typical camp staff return rate is 50% or better each summer, and we usually have 8-12 guides employed each summer.

We offer a competitive wage and a small, family-like program that serves less than 120 girls each summer.

Want to Apply?

We are happy to accept resumes complete with professional references and an Alpengirl specific cover letter anytime of the year.

Email your resume, cover letter and references to

Hiring Process:

Once we know what our new hiring needs are, we go through a summer adventure camp employment hiring process:

  • Review resume, professional references, and Alpengirl specific cover letter.
  • Select qualified individuals and arrange an employment interview(s).
  • Conduct reference checks, criminal history and other background checks and verify past work history.
  • Successful candidates will receive a hire offer letter that outlines schedule and pay.
  • Successful candidates are then asked to review the hire offer and ask clarifying questions. Then, if committed to the offer as outlined, sign and submit the offer to Alpengirl along with a headshot photo, a written website self-biography, staff health history form, copies of required certifications and personal identification, and a completed voluntary disclosure statement.
  • Once Alpengirl receives the signed hire offer and necessary paperwork as listed above, interviews will cease for that job vacancy.

Staff Training

Camp staff will attend 6 days of on-site pre-camp staff training in Manhattan, Montana in mid-June. Staffers will receive staff training reading and study materials and are expected to be familiar with these materials prior to arrival in Montana for on-site staff training. Staffers will arrange their own personal transportation to Montana for staff training and will arrive with a completed staff health care recommendation form along with proof of health insurance that indicates coverage through employment dates. The training is experiential in nature, we’ll be camping out all 5 nights together. Training includes practical scenarios in first aid and risk management, skill demonstration, yoga practice, backpacking, camp cooking, camper files review, permit, map and itinerary review and more. We have loads of FUN at training too with Alpenolympic events such as the staff talent show and Alpenwear fashion show, hot spring soaking, canoeing, staff care packages and more!

Available Jobs & Schedules

Most of our hiring interviews begin after January 1 when the latest Alpengirl summer schedule is available and after returning Alpenguides have confirmed their schedules.  

Typical Alpenguide schedule: 6-day staff training in Montana, followed by 6-weeks living and working in the field with campers. Commitment is typically June 17-August 11 (commitments for shorter durations are sometimes available).

We aim to match 2 Alpenguides that work as a 2-person guiding team for the entire 6-week camp season.

Read more about the Alpengirl Camp Job Descriptions (pdf)

Camp Internships

We sometimes make a non-paid camp internship available to a younger woman who wishes to gain some outdoor leadership work experience under the supervision of camp staffers and camp director. Internships may be available in the office or in the field and are likely a combination of both office and field work. These internships at Alpengirl are flexible in length, season and task description and are dependent upon our ability to place, train and provide proper supervision. 

Read more about the Alpengirl Camp Internship (pdf)