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Camper & Parent Reviews of Alpengirl Camp

Brooklyn has had a good three years in Alpengirl camps. She has learned a lot about the wilderness, hiking, and leading. It has been a great experience that will assist in guiding her to be a responsible adult soon!

We have two girls, and they have a combined 5 trips with Alpengirl. Each trip has been unique and left the girls wanting to spend more time outdoors.

~ Chris (Knoxville, TN)

Alpengirl offers such a unique experience for girls. My 14 year old came home with a new confidence, new friends, incredible adventure stories, and a sweet tan line from her sandals. Such a great experience!

~ Hannah (Meridian, ID)

Our daughter has gone on three adventures with Alpengirls, and she has come back exhausted and happy after each trip. We love seeing her gain confidence in herself, trying new things and making new friends.

~ Megan (Knoxville, TN)

We love the spark and passion Sally has for the outdoors, it is so cool she is able to find her tribe with the Alpengirl campers and staff.

~ Julieann (Sumner, WA)

This was my daughter's first away camp with total strangers for this duration. It was an investment financially, in faith, and with hopes for ever lasting adventure and memories. An opportunity for our daughter to develop grit. The camp was a success and showed our daughter different aspects of adventure, self reliance, and views of the outdoors that she got to experience all on her own surrounded by girls from all over the country. Great life skill to be that vulnerable day in and day out, away from family, and learn how to trust yourself and your judgement in new ways.

~ Shensi (Boise, ID)

Alpengirl was an amazing experience for our middle school daughter. Her experience provided her with a sense of confidence and accomplishment as she heads into the school year. Between traveling to camp by flight solo, to learning to cook out doors and meeting new friends, it was the perfect time in her life to attend Alpengirl. We are so thankful for your wonderful counselors and hope our younger girls become Alpengirl campers! Thank you!

~ Chris (Edina, WA)

Camille has had an amazing two summers with Alpengirl. She not only increased her skills, competence and confidence in the outdoors, but also created strong friendships.

~ Erin (Seattle, WA)

This past summer at Alpengirl was a good experience for me, I met friends that I will have for the rest of my life, and I did things I never thought I could do. So, thank you for showing me that things that look impossible are only impossible in your mind, that I can do anything.

~ Erika (Florida)

I've changed dramatically during my time at Alpengirl. I've become more outgoing, not so quiet, and a lot less shy. It's easier for me to loosen up, have fun, and meet new people. I have definitely come out from behind my mom's skirt. Finally.

~ Adara (Georgia)

Living at home and living at Alpengirl are very different lifestyles. All girls are different and adapt to this in different ways. The physical fitness at Alpengirl is an adjustment for all girls, whether it is big or small. Everyday the Alpengirls are exercising whether it's backpacking up mountains, rock climbing real rocks, hiking to caves, horseback riding to beautiful lakes and fields, white-water rafting down the Gallatin, doing yoga at breathtaking views, canoeing on Henry's Fork, swimming and soaking at hot springs, walking around Yellowstone, and floating down rivers. Even laughter and crazy fun games become exercise. At the end of camp lots of girls even see physical results in their fitness. Alpengirls are tough and determined. Personally my time at Alpengirl has been great. I love the exercise activities and more at Alpengirl!

~ Courtney (Pennsylvania)

Backpacking is like the dinner you thought you wouldn't like but did. You have to finish the dinner to get the dessert of great views and more fun activities!

~ Fiona (Florida)

Looking out to the snow capped glaciers trapped in the mist of clouds we momentarily forgot the weight of our packs and took in the beauty of the mountains knowing few people would have the opportunity to witness nature in such a pure and powerful way. The 4 day backpacking trip taught me so much about myself and what I was capable of achieving while helping me form a strong bond with other campers here at Alpengirl. Although it was difficult, when I think back on the trip I'm reminded of wonderful images of seclusion and peace from the High Divide and in the forest.

~ Holly (Illinois)

Leader. It can be a noun, but the leader of the day (LOD) at Alpengirl takes leadership action, and makes leader a verb. I think that Alpengirl has given everyone an opportunity to be an exceptional leader and show qualities they don't normally project or put out.

~ Marla (Oregon)

I have learned so much from this trip, from that dragonskin lichon grows and inch in 10 years to how to compress a sleeping bag.

~ Alexa (Pennsylvania)

I powered myself with my own positiveness. I pushed myself and tested my limits and it was amazing. I transformed in to someone… who could do anything.

~ Grace (Washington)