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Camper & Parent Reviews of Alpengirl Camp

I've changed dramatically during my time at Alpengirl. I've become more outgoing, not so quiet, and a lot less shy. It's easier for me to loosen up, have fun, and meet new people. I have definitely come out from behind my mom's skirt. Finally.

~ Adara (Georgia)

Living at home and living at Alpengirl are very different lifestyles. All girls are different and adapt to this in different ways. The physical fitness at Alpengirl is an adjustment for all girls, whether it is big or small. Everyday the Alpengirls are exercising whether it's backpacking up mountains, rock climbing real rocks, hiking to caves, horseback riding to beautiful lakes and fields, white-water rafting down the Gallatin, doing yoga at breathtaking views, canoeing on Henry's Fork, swimming and soaking at hot springs, walking around Yellowstone, and floating down rivers. Even laughter and crazy fun games become exercise. At the end of camp lots of girls even see physical results in their fitness. Alpengirls are tough and determined. Personally my time at Alpengirl has been great. I love the exercise activities and more at Alpengirl!

~ Courtney (Pennsylvania)

Backpacking is like the dinner you thought you wouldn't like but did. You have to finish the dinner to get the dessert of great views and more fun activities!

~ Fiona (Florida)

Looking out to the snow capped glaciers trapped in the mist of clouds we momentarily forgot the weight of our packs and took in the beauty of the mountains knowing few people would have the opportunity to witness nature in such a pure and powerful way. The 4 day backpacking trip taught me so much about myself and what I was capable of achieving while helping me form a strong bond with other campers here at Alpengirl. Although it was difficult, when I think back on the trip I'm reminded of wonderful images of seclusion and peace from the High Divide and in the forest.

~ Holly (Illinois)

Leader. It can be a noun, but the leader of the day (LOD) at Alpengirl takes leadership action, and makes leader a verb. I think that Alpengirl has given everyone an opportunity to be an exceptional leader and show qualities they don't normally project or put out.

~ Marla (Oregon)

I have learned so much from this trip, from that dragonskin lichon grows and inch in 10 years to how to compress a sleeping bag.

~ Alexa (Pennsylvania)

I powered myself with my own positiveness. I pushed myself and tested my limits and it was amazing. I transformed in to someone… who could do anything.

~ Grace (Washington)

One of the joys of Alpengirl is that on every trip, you are with new people. Everyone has a special story to tell and a special flavor to add to the group, including myself! I have learned to get along with people and keep a positive attitude. These lessons have been a GREAT benefit.

~ Stephanie (North Dakota)

I've changed so much since my first Alpengirl trip as a camper. Alpengirl has taught me so much. Now, as an intern at Alpengirl, I am more confident, I can plan out a whole trip, I can guide seven 11-year-olds, plan their food, and with the Lil' Alpengirls I was so patient! That is just something that Alpengirl does to me. It strengthens my patience a lot. I see many different sides of me here. Thank you guys so much for these awesome trips!

~ Ashley (Idaho)

I had incredible experiences both times I went to Alpengirl (except “incredible” doesn’t really begin to cover it). The combination of eating healthy food, doing daily yoga, and being active in gorgeous parts of the world made me feel the healthiest and happiest I had ever felt. I hope to come back as an Alpenguide someday, and in the meantime encourage anyone who’s interested to look into the program. You won’t regret it. Alpengirl Love!

~ Lauren (California)

I loved Alpengirl so much the first time I went, I came back the next two summers! This camp is incredible! All the guides I had were amazing, and I made great friends each time i went. Every single moment was fun! Alpengirl is a truly amazing experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. There are things I learned at Alpengirl that I still use in my life today!

~ Ashley (Idaho)

Out of the many camps I’ve been to (and there have been A LOT), Alpengirl was BY FAR, my favorite. You leave the ordinary and come away with amazing stories. Apart from the beauty of nature, the people and guides are amazing. I remember singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with my fellow campers while paddling. Randomly, we would have Alpengirl CHALLENGES, which included best snow slide, or costume contest. The guides are hilarious. I still remember the snow fight I had with one of the counselors in the mountains and how crazy and fun they all were. The nature isn’t bad either. I remember accidentally jumping into endangered heather because I thought that the marmot, a creature I had never seen before, was a mountain lion, approaching the park ranger on the ridge ahead. In Washington state, a cute little baby seal followed my boat all the way home. Of course, every time I took the camera out of my bag he decided to go under water. What I am trying to say, being very verbose while doing so, is that attending any Alpengirl camp is an AMAZING experience and I would definitely do it again.

~ Caroline (South Carolina)

I love the camp sessions that I did. I did 2 in Montana and 1 in Washington in a row and had a blast all summer! It was my first time doing it, Alpengirl and backpacking in general and I loved it. I would definitely go back next year, and most likely be an Alpengirl intern. I loved the camp because the I got to make friends with people from around the country, and they are friendships that I’ll hold forever. Thanks Alpengirl for an incredible summer!

~ Zarina (Washington)

Going to Alpengirl was one of the best things I ever did! Alpengirl isn’t like other camps! There are so many amazing things about it. Camp isn’t like school, where it takes you years to get to know someone. At Alpengirl it only took days. I felt closer to everyone, more than most of my classmates at school. At camp you are accepted for who you are, no matter what. Things that would normally feel awkward about, you don’t have to at camp. Even the things that would usually be unpleasant, like not taking a shower or going to the bathroom in the woods is fun; even the daily chores are fun. I became very close with many of my fellow Alpengirls, I still talk to them today. At camp you learn to within a group, as well as learning to be independent. Throughout the 2 weeks you grow as a group and individually. What attracted me to Alpengirl is the adventure. It was so great going into the mountains and backpacking or raft the Yellowstone and Gallatin River, sea kayak and explore the Washington beautiful beaches. Not to worry for those who are not experienced in backpacking or other activities, camp is geared for anyone with any experience. I’ve attended Alpengirl in WA and MT, both were great. The guides are real fun and approachable. I had amazing guides both times I have gone. Alpengirl is an amazing experience for any teenage girl. Alpengirl has given me confidence that I never thought I had. I would recommend going to Alpengirl to any teen girl!

~ Erin (Montana)

I LOVE Alpengirl! I went when I was 14 (and I didn’t even want to go) but I had the most amazing time of my life! I went to 2 more camp sessions, interned for a summer, and then became an Alpenguide for 6 summers, finishing up as the Assistant Camp Director. That’s how much I love Alpengirl and how much I believe in the program and how much fun it is and how much it impacts girls’ lives.

~ Alyssa (New Mexico)