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Camper & Parent Reviews of Alpengirl Camp

There are few words to express what a fantastic experience Jenny had as an Alpengirl! She returned with such a sense of confidence, caring for the other girls and guides and with all the new knowledge she is now incorporating into our lives here! We picked her up at the airport and she did not stop yakking until she went to sleep that night. The strongest sentiment she brought home with her was the incredible camaraderie you all had during camp! She told us how you cared for their physical beings, i.e., water consumption, eating habits, poopin' in the woods, body temperature, etc. I really felt you were on top of all the details and are really looking out for the girls. She loved the yoga, in fact we just came in from a morning yoga session in our beautiful backyard! She raved about the food, the roadside dances, the costume contest, the pirates of the wooden boat contest, and thoroughly enjoyed the backpacking trip. There was not one minute she was not extremely happy! She is an Alpengirl with a great altitude!!!! Put us on the list for next year!!

~ Barbara (Phoenix, Arizona)

The counselors were very caring and really encouraged a "team support" spirit. Kali hasn't had a group of friends like that in a long time. She looked great! Her eyes sparkled and she was truly happy and relaxed. Thanks for showing Kali that she can accomplish more than she ever thought possible.

~ Kari (San Diego, California)

I must say it is a testament to the program provided at Alpengirl that they took a pampered, over protected clinging child and helped her become an independent, strong young woman. Amanda made friends and had fun. She came home proud that she had a bruise from every activity; battle scars. As the parent of an asthmatic child I know I made the best review choice for my daughter by sending her to Alpengirl.

~ Barbara (New York, New York)

Kaley really bonded with the other girls - the comradery was the best for her. For us, she participated in a wilderness experience that was totally positive. She is calmer and more focused. Kaley experienced the wonders of mountains and wilderness areas, learned some valuable lessons in self-sufficiency, and best of all, made some wonderful friends. The comradery she experienced has made a lasting impression.

~ Lucy (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Our daughter greatly benefited from the Alpengirl experience. While she most appreciated the rock-climbing, horseback riding, hot springs, and new-found friends, we were most thrilled that she came home with a new love of nature (not something she was known for in the past), enthusiasm for yoga, physical exertion, and, to a lesser extent, healthy eating, and demanding that we take her backpacking. I would highly recommend this program.

~ Pamina (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience Montana Alpengirl was for Amanda. She learned a valuable lesson that hopefully she will carry with her for her entire life. She now knows that her attitude and effort make a huge difference in the outcome. When she arrived home from camp she was so happy and proud that she had figured out that not making an effort at the beginning was making camp miserable and that once she decided to have a positive attitude and try, that she could have fun. I want to thank the counselors for the extra effort and time they had to give her at the beginning and guiding her to see what she needed to do but letting it be her realization.

~ Susan (Seattle, Washington)

Jessy enjoyed the Washington Alpengirl trip very much, she returned with a smile and renewed energy. Mandy and Paige, Jessy's guides, both had a profoundly positive effect on her short term and long-term views on life. She believed them both to be great selections for guiding the trip. Jessy did not fret nor worry about rain on the backpacking trip, partly due to her past experiences and partly due to great guides Mandy and Paige.

~ Keith (Missoula, Montana)

Grace came home from her Alpengirl Montana trip and said (after apologizing several times that what she was about to say may sounded corny but it was true) "This experience taught me that I can do anything if I work hard enough and put my mind to it". What more could the parents of a thirteen year old girl want! She identified very closely with Christina and Mandy stating they were "the coolest women in the world and that she wanted to be like them." Thank you for providing such strong positive role models. Tell Mandy that I am hunting down Cilantro scented bath products and if they exist, I will find them. Grace continues to do yoga daily and is much more interested in cooking. She kept a journal and wrote down many recipes. Her first day home she made breakfast lunch and dinner for us. She said you are putting out a cookbook. We would be very interested in getting one. You all did so many things right. It sounds like the group had a very nice dynamic which I know is partially the luck of the draw, but is also carefully shaped by the guides as well.

~ Kris (Seattle, Washington)

Emma has nothing but "RAVE" reviews of the Lil' Alpengirl Camp! For 11-year olds, one week in Washington was perfect. Emma could have easily done another week (in hindsight) but anticipating a 2-week camp in the beginning may have kept her from signing up in the first place. She had a BLAST! Knowing that she could be away from us for a week and do fine and have such great fun with people she didn't know, that was all I could have asked for and more!

~ Erica (Seattle, Washington)

Lauren came home from her trip Montana Alpengirl trip a girl changed. She had nothing but great things to say about her trip. What we noticed right away was how Lauren looked. She had a glow about her that she had never had before. She also has a confidence about her that has made her more out going and sure of herself. I think the trip was one of the most important events of her life. She talked about her friends she had met and the relationships she has formed with them. She now thinks about what she eats and is exercising more and looking to be a healthy teen. I think this trip was the best thing to happen to her. I know it has given her a sense of "I can do anything now". She now wants to try different things and has a more positive sense of herself. I can't thank you enough for the great time she had and we certainly look forward to her going again. I would and have recommended your organization to anybody that has girls of Lauren age. You have given Lauren an experience of a life-time and memories that will last forever. Thank you so much. Best to you and your guides, have a great year.

~ Rob (Tiverton, Rhode Island)

I can't thank you enough for providing Michele with an awesome Montana camp experience. She hasn't stopped talking about it and showing off her pictures. She loved all of you and in fact one of the first things she told me was that as much as she was upset about me leaving her at the airport on that first day, she was just as upset at leaving you all behind on the last. She didn't want it to end. When I first caught sight of her returning, she looked taller and her smile wider than before - all signs of her increased confidence in herself. That is exactly what I was hoping for from this experience! She is looking forward to another one of your camps next year.

~ Krista (Clarksburg, Maryland)

Lena was very enthusiastic upon her return from the Alpengirl trip. I asked how she would rate the program on a 1-10 scale. She said, 'a 10 because everything we did was so fun'. We really wanted Lena to have an opportunity to try new things. She especially enjoyed the kayaking. She also said the food was great and she obviously thought the guides were wonderful.

~ Amy (Chugiak, Alaska)

Thank you again for a wonderful experience Ashley had again this year at camp in Washington. Every year with Alpengirl she has come home renewed, refreshed and focused. You have an excellent program and the Guides are outstanding. Alpengirl continues to be #1 in our lives. Hopefully, someday Ashley can join you as a Guide herself!

~ Kathy (Kamiah, Idaho)

The camp was great for Samantha's self-esteem. Great friendships were found, last weekend, Samantha and Megan (Alpengirl camp friend) were able to fly to Chicago to be with Zoe (Alpengirl camp friend) for her Bat Mitzvah! I keep hearing about the foods they ate at Alpengirl. Last night Samantha actually asked me to get some stone wheat crackers! I nearly choked in surprise, way to go!

~ Shannon (Boise, Idaho)

In Jillians words, 'Alpengirl rocks!' Jillian had an experience she will never forget! She came home from the Washington trip more confident and more mature than I have ever seen her. She learned that she could exceed her own expectations for herself, that she could work harder and tolerate more difficult physical situations than she believed. Jillian is so so proud of her accomplishments - she refers to an Alpengirl experience almost daily - even 3 weeks later! The two weeks that Jillian spent with Alpengirl was indeed well spent. She was both challenged - to hike just a little further - and rewarded - filled with pride when a difficult task was accomplished. She came home a little bit sturdier, a lot more compassionate, and much more confident in her own abilities. Through experiences at Alpengirl, Jillian has taken several important steps toward growing up. Her best day was kayaking - her day to be the leader. She learned how to consider others needs when it was time to make a decision, and how to encourage and inspire the group. Sending Jillian on an Alpengirl trip is the best decision I ever made and we're looking forward to next summer!

~ JoLynne (Bainbridge Island, Washington)