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Camper & Parent Reviews of Alpengirl Camp

Emily just went on and on about her Alpengirl trip this year. The girls were great, the sites were amazing and it was so obvious that she was so comfortable to be back with Alpengirl. I think for me that was the best part. To see her so confident and so positive - its never easy to let her walk away but its much easier when I know Alpengirl is on the other end and Emily is about to experience something amazing! YOU and your crew should be so proud of the impression you're having on these girls!! I can't say enough nor can I say thank you too often. To make it even better for Em was that she became my tour guide while we were on vacation - we even went to the same place for dinner that the gang went to while they were there!! She absolutely loved being able to show Mom around and take care of me!!

~ Lisa (Chicago, Illinois)