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5-day Horse Trip on the Continental Divide

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Yellowstone Horseback Adventure II

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 15:43

A successful 5-day wilderness horse pack trip on the continental divide between Montana and Idaho ~ Yellowstone Horseback Adventure II Alpengirls! 

From the Field Report - by Alpenguides Laura S and Hannah J:

We had clear blue skies for 4 of 5 pack trip days. All girls fell in love with their horses. Cat and her horse Sheba, were particularly well matched pair with big personalities and strength of will. Madison and her horse Festus were a well matched tall pair.

The 1st 2 nights we camped near a big open meadow and next to a stream, it was beautiful but the mosquitoes were more than plenty (many bug bites, much bug spray and all the anti itch cream was used, it’s wet early summer here with no wildfires in sight which is the good part, bad though in regards to mosquitoes!)

On the 2nd day of the pack trip we had a day ride to Picnic Rock which overlooks our campsite below and has great views all around and Casey (our horse outfitter guide) took some drone video footage that is posted on Facebook (see Alpengirl Camp Facebook page to view it... Watch the Video

We spent several hours sliding down a long snow field with a safe mud landing, we put on our rain pants and did trains, penguins and lots of other crazy shenanigans.

We moved camp to below Slide Mountain on the continental divide for the 3rd and 4th nights of camp and cooked our dinners there over campfire! 

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset ride to a ridge top with a full purple moon shining over the Teton range in the far distance.  

Girls enjoyed trotting in cantering in meadow one evening and Molly, Katie, Abby and Chloe worked on cantering in little circles with their horses.

The entire group of riders hiked by foot to summit Slide Mountain (elevation 9,800 ft) one day during the pack trip and was is was a great accomplishment!  

All girls learned how to pack the manties (canvas tarps wrapped to hold our gear) and tie the ropes and we turned this into a “Pack Trip”skill bead rather than a backpacking skill beady also learning how to saddle, bridle and pack up the mules!

Only one camper fell off a horse during the 5 day pack trip, it was kind of a slo-mo fall with a smile and pretty graceful without harm.

Abby, Madison, Caroline, Hannah and Ashlyn worked on earning their Cooking skill beads by each cooking and serving a breakfast to the group. An especially great breakfast was by Abby - the Peach Cinnamon Pancakes with hash browns cooked entirely on the campfire! There were no food flops really and the Blueberry Muffins baked inside an orange on the campfire were a hit after the evening sunset ride! 

Ashlyn is only camper going for Camp Group Living skill bead and has been a strong support and kind to all and regularly offering to pitch in. She is also working on her Navigation camp skill bead and was charged with keeping track of directions and using the topographic map during the pack trip.

The Alpenolympic Talent Show was around a campfire and we enjoyed many skits. Chloe, Abby, and Michelle (returning campers) took their turn at doing their traditional annual Alpengirl talent show skit - The Snakebite Skit. Our outfitter Casey ended the talent show by standing on top of 2 horses as he cracked his bull whip for the last act in such a fun night under the stars in Big Sky Country - SW Montana!

Next up.. Yellowstone and Teton National Park touring and whitewater rafting on the Snake River and then shopping and pizza party to end the trip in Jackson Hole, WY on July 4th!