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Fun Water Activities in Columbia, Cascades & Coast Adventure

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Notes From the Field ~ From Alpenguides Laura and Katie

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 01:04

Pre-Rafting Group Alpengirls PNWSummer in the Columbia River Gorge has started out hot and sunny! Girls have been cooling off with 2 fun days on the water with rafting and river kayaking.

On the first full day at camp Sabrina was selected as our 1st LOD (Leader of the Day) and we enjoyed Strawberry Stuffed French Toast for breakfast and finished up all the intro to camp talks about backcountry personal care and hygiene, leave not trace and more before being treated to an out of this world lunch at Wet Planet Raft Company - it was so delicious, some had burgers and fries and others had grilled cheese and some even enjoyed salmon! With bellies full and wet suits and booties on we rafted the White Salmon River, a thrilling refreshing experience enjoyed by one and all. The only one to fall out of the boat was the Alpenguide! It was an unexpected bump in the first few minutes on the river and as soon as that cold water rush was felt, she was quickly back in the boat! The girls were especially great at listening to raft guide instructions and being very democratic with seat switching during the trip. Sabrina led a game called “Museum” that had the girls begging for more! The first Road-side Dance Party took place with the selected song by Beyonce (All the Single Ladies) and there was good participation with nearly everyone exiting the van to join in on the dance. After rafting the group headed back to the campsite and the first cook group took a turn and made Teriyaki Stir Fry dinner - Miranda, Chloe and Hazel did a great job. Showers at the campground were appreciated before bedtime. 

Today the LOD was Chloe and the group had a full day on the Klickitat River in kayaks, it was a sunny yet windy day that challenged the girls arm muscles and made maneuvering the boats more challenging, but, they did great and lots of smiles and splashing all around. Tonight the group is headed to the Lewis River near Mt St Helens and will camp 2 nights there along the river before backpacking starts. Tonight the cook group is Erin, Kailyn and Maya and they will prepare Chef Salad + more!

More about games and other stuff… there were a couple of Alpenolympic Events. The Costume Alpenolympic was won by Maya and a Paddle Alpenolympic was won by Erin. Karma Points have been given out to Erin, India and Kailyn and Posture Points to Hazel and Claire. There is a wide diversity of interests in the Camp Skill Beads - many girls have chosen to try to earn the Group Living Bead and the Camp Cooking Bead is a close second in popularity. Claire, Kayla and Chloe will attempt to earn the Fire Bead soon and Erin is the only one to choose to try and earn her Backpacking Skill Bead. 

There will not be another blog until after the group exits the backcountry, a blog will be posted on Sunday July 1 with news from the WA Coast. 7/1 is also the day that STAFF are scheduled to call parents and let them know how camp is going, they will call morning, afternoon or evening form a blocked # and of they miss you when they try to call, they will leave a detailed message reporting on how things are going for your Alpengirl. 

All is well in the Pacific Northwest with these Alpengirls!