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Montana Lil’ Alpengirls Backpacking Today

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Alpenguides “From the Field Report”

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 22:17

Cavern Tour MT Lil's AlpengirlHello Alpengirl Parents! The MT Lil’s are doing awesome ~ they are always reaching out to peers and are fast to make friends. One of our returning campers Hayley even led a crew of girls in setting up tents, on the first day! 

The weather has been getting better and better. The start of camp was a little windy and cool and yesterday we had a sunny hike with blue skies as we reached the entrance of the cool, dark and wonderful underground of the Lewis & Clark Caverns. It was a 2 mile hike through the cave system led by a Park Ranger. Girls learned all about different rock formations like stalactites and stalagmites and also a few more complex and fun ones like cave popcorn, cave bacon and soda straws! We had a really funny Park Ranger guide named Jim who told us all of the cave puns and gave the girls a huge compliment at the end of our tour saying that he loved having us and that he was amazed at how well behaved and respectful the girls are! It was so fun and the girls were blown away by how cool the formations were.  

Ava, Ashlyn and Addie were on Cook Group last night and they prepared, cooked and served delicious Campfire Packets filled with potatoes, carrots, meats and cooked on the campfire. We finished the campfire dinner off with s'mores and leader of the day (LOD) appreciation before bedtime. 

A little bit more about the girls… Grace is always has enough energy and positivity to get the group ready for anything! Sophie won an Alpenolympic event by letting go of inhibitions and demonstrating her weirdest style of walk - so cool! Our second Alpenolympic was a bunny impersonating contest that was won by non other than Lara! The girls have been playing a lot of Mafia and tag related games. Other things girls are amazing us with are dance moves and kindness! Especially Augusta or better known at camp as Guppy & Lara, have been crushing our dance parties! All of the girls at MT Lil's are so kind, however Lucy, Ashlyn and Ella have really shined and know how to be a pal. Lucy has been sweet and a good friend to all campers. Ashlyn helped others do packing chores when she had already finished. Ivy received a posture point at yoga and told us all about other caves she went spelunking in with her family. Lastly Ella shared her sunscreen to make sure her new friends didn't get burnt! 

Last night we had a little spell of homesickness run through camp, however, everyone is looking a little brighter this morning and are ready to backpack even if a little nervous for trying it out, many for the first time ever! It’s a sunny warm day at about 85 degrees with clear blue skies as we leave the campground for the backcountry with our tummies full of pasta lunch and crackers. We plan to stop for a road side dance party en route to the trailhead and snack on dried mango, gold fish crackers and sweet n’ salty bars at the trailhead and hike in about 1 - 1.5 miles to reach a great camp spot next to the creek with wildflowers (prairie smoke, larkspur, sticky geranium and more) all around. It will be a good challenge today with a slight incline all the way to the camp spot, but, all are packed up and committed to doing it and putting their best foot forward. If we have time this evening, we will do a practice creek crossing to see if it’s possible with the snow melt, we will need to cross the creek to reach the lake, the snow melt this year is sill going strong and creeks are higher than normal and there is still snow left at higher elevations which could prevent us from camping at the lake as planned, but, we will aim to get there and if too much snow to camp, we’ll go back down the trail and camp where we can and just visit the lake on a day hike if possible.  

Here’s the Camp Skill Beads that girls have chosen to attempt to earn at camp:

  • Shelter- Ava
  • Fire- Ashlyn, Addie, Lucy, Lara
  • Water- Grace, Ella
  • Yoga- Augusta, Ivy
  • Backpack- Sophie, Jessie
  • Wilderness First Aid- Hayley 
  • Group Living- Grace, Ashlyn, Ava, Hayley, Ella, Augusta, Sophie, Addie, Jessie, Ivy, Lucy 

There will not be another blog until we are finished with backpacking, 7 days is going by so fast for us here… and we hope Alissa (Camp Director) will be able to post a final blog from our hot spring soak on the final night of camp, or at least a photo on Alpengirl Camp Facebook or Alpengirl Camp Instagram sometime on evening of June 28.