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A Look Into Pre-Camp Happenings

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 19:33

Alpengirl Camp Office 2018Howdy folks ~ It’s been an exciting winter season here at Alpengirl Camp, and now finally the wildflowers are blooming, that fresh air is heating up, and camp season is upon us! You may remember that back in January of this year, the Alpengirl Camp office moved into a new building in Manhattan, MT! The building has undergone quite a few stunning changes since then, and not only will it be home to the Alpengirl Camp offices, but it is shaping up to be a hub of excitement here in Manhattan! Every room in the building, now each a different vibrant color, has plans to host different activities for the local community.

The “green room,” is rearing and ready to welcome yogis into its calm and transformative space. The “mango room,” once laden with mauve walls and dull carpet, now stands a symbol of potential sweetness to come as a coffee house/ice cream shop! And coming this fall, the “sand dune yellow room,” will be home to ballet classes for youth in the area. Needless to say, the new Alpengirl HQ is brimming with possibilities, and its fabulous blue outer-skin has made it the talk of the town.

Weaving in and around the building excitement, Laura, Alissa, and Hannah have been finalizing the last bits before staff training. One day they’re storming the Costco parking lot with carts filled with staff training foods, the next they’re scoping the garage sale scene in a minivan searching for awesome camp costume pieces. Never a dull moment in the Alpengirl Camp office. They’ve even been dreaming toward the future, with Laura planning an all new trip for Alpengirl in summer 2019!

Alpengirl Summer Adventure Camp Leader Alpenguide All that said, this doesn’t mean they haven’t had time to spend in the splendor of surrounding Bozeman beauty. Laura’s lovely mother just made a visit from Lopez Island, and the two made the trek up to Baldy Peak in the Bridger Mountain Range, (elevation: 8,914’). This weekend, Alissa hiked with a friend to Chestnut Mountain, (elevation: 7,651’) taking in breathtaking views of the far-off Absaroka and Beartooth mountain ranges. Afterwards, they went out for a much deserved ice cream cone downtown Bozeman - what a perfect summer day! And Hannah just got back from visiting old friends in the beautiful Sunlight Basin, WY where she rode horses among the sage and had campfires under the stars.

Alpengirl Camp Alpenguide Katie Our other Alpenguides have been busy bees too, doing some adventurous stuff in order to be fresh and ready for campers! Laura M, aka "Icepaw," just reunited with her Peace Corps Guinea cohort in Austin Texas after hoping around the world and traveling with high school students in Morocco. Katie, aka "Sunflower," after returning from a semester in New Zealand exploring rugged landscapes and backpacking the south island, just finished up her third year studying environmental policy! And Kyana, aka “Sunny K,” just got back from spending some family-time in her hometown in North Carolina. All in all, these amazing Alpenguides are juiced and ready for another incredible camp season!  

Next up ~ Staff training (June 15 - 20) where Alpenguides will be camping, practicing driving vans, making meals, and teaching camp skills. They will also be calling their campers to get them excited for camp!


Blog post by ~ Alpenguide and office assistant Hannah Jacobsma