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3-day Sea Kayaking Trip WA

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Olympic Sea to Summit Blog

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 14:49

San Juan Islands WA Girls CampThe Alpenguides Laura M and Katie T have reported in that the 3-day sea kayaking trip in the San Juan Islands was amazing! They had the BEST kayaking guides (Amber and Charmaine) and everyone really enjoyed being on the water and with excellent weather!

The Leaders of the Day (LOD’s) have been Meredith G, Kaile and Olivia so far and Cook Groups have been Eden/Abby (they made Mediterranean Nachos and prepped the food for the campfire dinner) and Shalom/Meredith G (they made Fancy Ramen Soup for dinner.) The breakfast of sweet couscous this morning was a hit - yummy!

The highlights of the 3-day kayaking trip were:

  • Camping on the beach - some slept under the stars
  • Refreshing swims
  • 2 different day hikes
  • Amazing sunsets
  • Campfires
  • The number and variety of wildlife sightings: minke whales, a possible orca whale in distance, sea cucumbers, sea stars, harbour porpoises, bald eagles, seal (adults and pups), sea otters, a flacon and many sea birds and tide pool critters!

Girls are well own their way to earning some camp skill beads - Olivia earned her Fire Bead and Ruby led a Group Living Skill discussion and others worked on wilderness first aid skills.

Overall the group is doing great, they loved the days on the water and the great sunny weather!  

This group eats lots of food and the staff is upping the amounts to adjust to this at the next grocery run to keep everyone happy and feeling well fed:) 

Today the group is rock climbing, then, they are taking a ferry to arrive at a campsite near Sequim, WA tonight. 

Tomorrow is a pre-backpacking prep day to food shop and pack and pick up permits and soak in a hot springs pool before the 4-day backpacking trip starts in Olympic National Park on Thursday 7/26. 

Due to limited cell service from evening of July 25 through evening of July 29 the likelihood of another blog post before camp ends is slim but we do hope to share another photo or two on the Alpengirl Camp Facebook & Instagram pages before camp is over.

IMPORTANT: Alpenguides Laura M and Katie will be placing the pre-scheduled PARENT CALLS sometime tomorrow on Wednesday July 25. Remember, the staff calls from blocked cell phone numbers, so be sure to be near your phone all day and look for a blocked call. If they miss you, they will leave a message:)