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Backpacking & Kayaking in SW MT

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From the Field ~ Majestic Big Sky II Adventure

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 14:41

Map Reading Girls Summer Adventure CampNon-stop adventures for this group of girls, they have been super busy with all the activities back-to-back and finally got a little bit caught up on rest and relaxation and hang out time after kayaking yesterday afternoon. 

The group had a successful 4-day backpacking trip in the Spanish Peak Wilderness area in SW MT. They enjoyed Crai-Crai Turkey Wraps at the trailhead before hiking in about 4.5 miles to their campsite. At the trailhead, Sophia received her Artist Care Package and loved it and happily distributed brownie brittle and gel pens and temporary tattoos to all! The 1st backpacking dinner was chicken and rice with fresh broccoli. 

The 2nd day of backpacking was a day hike to Mirror Lake and back. Girls paired up to share lightly loaded backpacks with just the essentials and made their way across a creek and up a challenging hill to the lake where they had a lunch of Pumped Up PB’s and several girls enjoyed a refreshing swim in the lake. Alpenguides worked with girls on some skill beads, practicing wilderness first aid scenarios for those earning their first aid bead. They had an Alpenolympic Whistle Blowing Event which Maya won by doing an Irish Step Dance around the circle of campers while blowing her whistle and the group had a great wildflower photo shoot. They headed back down to camp in a light rain with a bit of lightening but made it back to tents for some time before dinner which was “More than Mac n Cheese."

The 3rd day of backpacking was an early to rise kind of day and super challenging 3.5 mile steep uphill  and they made it to another lake at about 4 pm, just before thunder storms rolled in. The group was efficient at getting all tents set up and gear stowed and were safely in their tents hanging our while the storm passed by, they all emerged and made a dinner called, “Ramen Plus.” Dinner was enjoyed by sitting on a log and overlooking the lake. Some girls enjoyed playing in the left over snow patches nearby and having snowball throwing for fun. Dessert tonight was Backcountry Tiramisu. The group finished today by gathering in a meadow nearby and watched the sky turn pink as the sun set.

The 4th and final day of backpacking was a long one, about 7—8 miles where they finished at the trailhead at about 3:45 pm and all were totally pooped but super proud of their accomplishment and they couldn’t believe the ground they covered when looking back at the map.

Yesterday the group had a good day on the river where they paddled and swam and saw 2 bald eagles and 3 moose. After a day on the river the group found some much needed relax time back at camp and enjoyed campfire foil packets for dinner. Today, the group is horseback riding in the border between ID and MT:)