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From the Field ~ North Cascades II

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Ross Lake Backpacking Trip

Sun, 07/29/2018 - 16:44

Alpengirl Summer Camp MealsThe North Cascades II Alpengirls had a great 6-day backpacking trip along Ross lake in North Cascades National Park. It was beautiful weather with no clouds in the sky and quite warm. 

The Alpenguides Abby & Laura report that this is a group of really strong and fast hikers, they travelled on average about 2 miles and hours with full packs and carrying all the bear canisters and food etc! Girls were very proud of accomplishments on backpacking and swam every single day in the lake and even created some floating events using their thermarest sleeping pads and Katie got creative and made her own raft from driftwood. The views from the trail were awesome seeing glaciers on Jack Mountain and peaks in Canada in the distance. The Desolation Peak summit was not accomplished due to bears (a feeding mother with 2 cubs) on feeding on berries on the trail, the group gave them room and made noise and waited and still the bears did not budge, so, for safety reasons the group turned back and left the bears to their place. 

There were some fun and games every day on the backpacking trip… the Alpenolympic Hair Flip Event was won by Anna and the Biggest Splash Event was won by Josie. Josie and Ellie led the group in lots of call and response songs and trail songs to let the wild ones know they were in the area and to keep spirits high in the group while hiking. The Alpenolympic Talent Show was held on a bridge as a stage and Elia & Anna sang a duet song from the movie Frozen, Ella did an Irish Dance, Ava performed some gymnastics and Eva recited a prom she wrote that was very inspiring and touching. Sonya and Eva has been channeling their inner mermaids and have been loving getting in the water every day. Some girls are well on their way to earning their camp skill beads. Marina did some practice with Wilderness First Aid Skill Beads by learning CPR, practicing splints and blister care and Ava earned her cook bead. 

Last night the group arrived to 90 degree weather with a bit of smoke in Winthrop, WA where they camped and enjoyed showers, laundry and a yummy Fettuccini Alfredo dinner served with a HUGE fresh and colorful dinner salad that the girls were craving after so many days in the backcountry. 

Today the group is rock climbing and one of the Alpenguides (Laura or Abigail) will be attempting to place their pre-scheduled “Parent Calls” sometime this morning, afternoon or evening. They will call from blocked cell phone #’s so please pick-up, if they miss you, they will leave a detailed voicemail message. 

This is our final blog from the group, they are doing great and having lots of fun!