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Majestic Big Sky Adventure (I)

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From the Field ~ Hidden Lakes Backpack

Sun, 07/22/2018 - 16:34

Alpengirl Girls Adventure CampThe Majestic Big Sky I Adventure group had completed a successful backpacking trip. The first day they hiked for about 3 hours to reach Hidden Lakes to an awesome campsite. The girls were super positive and motivated and the weather was pretty good for hiking, not too hot and slightly overcast. They did have a little rain and a few minutes of hail. They enjoyed a yummy dinner of Chicken & Rice. Astrid was a wonderful Leader of the Day (LOD) and at the LOD appreciation circle in the evening, she had happy tears of gratitude, she’s and energizer bunny for the group! 

The second day was a good one, but, pretty challenging and a hot cloudless day. Yoga in the morning at the lake was nice and there were pretty lake photos, it was peaceful without many other people and not super buggy. Zoe was selected by Astrid to be the LOD today and she remained a positive role model. During the backpack today they passed lots of amazing wildflower fields with colors of pink, blue, purple, yellow all throughout! The group had lots of snack breaks today and were challenged to come up with some group management and decision making plans to determine where to camp this evening, they ended up reviewing the maps and options and hiked a bit farther for camping tonight than planned. At camp tonight Zoe led games for the group and Amelia and Paige made Mac n Cheese for dinner for the whole group. Amelia and Lily set-up their tents without assistance to gain a step towards their Shelter Camp Skill Bead. 

Rachel led the 3rd day as LOD, she never complained and was a clam and mature leader for the group. Today the group hiked to Golden Trout Lake stopped for snacks along the way and arrived at the lake just in time for lunch of cheese and crackers which was loved by all:) s The girls loved getting to the gorgeous lake with few bugs and people. The water here was cold but almost everyone jumped in! There was an Alpenolympic Whale Breach Contest in the water which is an Alpengilr classic event. More Alpenolympics at the lake today included Longest Eagle Pose (yoga session at lake in sunshine:) won by Avery, Best Guess to Definition of “Barking Spider” was won by Claire. Bets Mermaid Pose was won by Rachel. The Alpenolympic Talent Show at the lake today was a hoot! Paige did a unique drawing with a story, Claire did some break dancing which included the worm, the shopping cart and the moonwalk. The talent show winning group was  Astrid, Rachel, Zoe and Amelia who created an Alpensquirrels song and took turns singing. This evening back at camp the group enjoyed Fancy Ramen and Backcountry Tiramisu for desert.

On the final day of backpacking, they got up early and were out at the van in no time and organized all their gear and head out down the long bumpy road to reach West Yellowstone where they greatly enjoyed the showers and fresh laundry. After a little bit of town time last night, the group headed into Yellowstone Park where they saw elk and bison and arrived at a great huge campsite at Bridge Bay. The girls were led today by Paige as LOD, she is a good leader who is always singing laughing and dancing. 

Today the group is touring Yellowstone National Park and plan to stop for lunch and see Old Faithful - this is where the Alpenguides Kyana or Margaux will attempt to place the pre-schedule “Parent Calls” to let parents know how girls are doing at camp with us. They will call from blocked phone numbers this afternoon or evening and if they miss you, they will leave you a detailed message.

All is going well with this group, happy and healthy!