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North Cascades Adventure II

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Off to a Great Start!

Mon, 07/23/2018 - 17:00

The weather in PNW has been great to start to camp with, the first few days of camp have been mostly sunny and warm. 

The girls are strong kayakers and enjoyed sea kayaking near Bellingham, WA on day 2 of camp. Ava, Eva and Katie were a “triple threat” in the 3-person kayak and blew everyone away with their speed! Kayaking brought some great views and sightings of bald eagles and jelly fish and a enjoyable exploration in a cove beach filled with shells. Dinner on the 2nd night of camp was a delicious appetizer of stuffed goat cheese apricots followed by Teriyaki Stir Fry prepared by Ellie, Marina and Ella. The group ate dinner on the shores of the Sauk River next to their campsite as the sun was setting, beautiful! Josie was the first camper to be the Leader of the Day (LOD) and as a retuning Alpengirl she knew just how to help everyone in the group get into the rhythm of Alpengirl and she also made a great DJ in the van during the drive from the coast to the inland river. 

Day 3 of camp was fun with whitewater rafting on the Sauk River where the temps were in the 70’s and sunny skies with views of the snow capped Whitehorse Peak above. Many girls have declared the skill beads they are attempting to earn. For example, Sonya has chosen to attempt the Camp Cooking & Fire beads. Anna is going for the Group Living, Camp Cooking & Yoga beads. Elia is interested in Camp Cooking & Wilderness First Aid beads. After rafting, the group packed up camp and stopped by the Wilderness Information Center in Marblemount, WA to check-in with the rangers who issued the backpacking permits. The group travelled a bit further at set-up camp near Ross Lake where they camped and prepped for the backpacking trip that starts today.

Today it’s all about getting packed up for the 6-day backpacking trip starting after lunch. A busy day with each camper getting 1:1 assistance from an Alpenguide to pack her bags just right. Once bags are packed, they are headed out for a 6-day backpacking trip along Ross Lake, they have 3.5 mile hike today, 4.5 the next day, 6 the next day, 3.6 the next day and then… the BIG challenge, summiting Desolation Park (a 13.5 mile round trip day hike) and the final day of the backpacking trip they will take a boat taxi back down the lake and hike another 3.5 miles back to the van at the trailhead. 

The Alpenguides report all are doing great, they are off to a strong start and will report in with another blog after backpacking ends on July 28 when they back in the front county and are getting all cleaned up with showers and laundry in Winthrop, WA. 

Alpenguides Laura or Abigail will be calling parents for the pre-scheduled “Parent Call” date on Sunday July 29 - they are calling from blocked cell phone numbers, so be sure to pick up on the 29th:)