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Ready, Set - Let's Go Backpacking!

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Majestic Big Sky Adventure II Alpengirls

Mon, 07/09/2018 - 01:41

Backpacking Group Montana GirlsThis group is doing awesome! The office staff visited the group in the field today near Bozeman, MT and assisted them in getting ready for backpacking that started today after turkey sandwich lunch at the trailhead. Each girl had her own carefully selected pile of personal gear and some group gear (gorp, jerky, oatmeal, dried fruits, backpacking dinners and a whole bag of Oreos!) and each camper received a personalized, individual backpacking lesson from an Alpenguide so they could fullly understand how to pack their backpacks correctly and how to adjust the straps and lift and lower their pack safely. We had Laura S, Hannah J taking the Alpenguide lead with assistance from Camp Director Alissa F and Alpenguides Abby 1 & Abby 2. Abby 2 was taking video to create a promotinoal Alpengirl video we hope to air on the website this next fall - stay tuned! The group is friendly, efficient and fun and easy to talk with and enjoy hanging out together. They are an excellent group of listeners and follow instructions easily and are totally ready to hike! 

The first LOD (Leader of the Day) was Katie who volunteered herself for the position and handled the responsibility with ease. She then selected Annie as today's LOD and as a returning Alpengirl, Annie always has everything together, she's so capable, strong, friendly and a real group player, an excellent pick for the LOD for the first day of backpacking. Allison is the Alpengirl Campion of the WAH! Energy Game, no one could beat her, she won all 3 rounds of competition! Evie is currently the All-Around Gold Medalist in Alpenolympics, she has won them all so far - Toothpaste Eco Spray, Cherry Pit Spitting & Micro Trash Pick-up. Avery was appreciated by the Alpenguides Laura and Hannah for having excellent taste in music and also recognize that she is a person that you can sit with and talk to no matter who you are:) Evelyn is upbeat and always has something to add to conversation. Adhara has a signature photo pose which is lying facedown on the floor (or dirt!) and is laughing lots. The first morning of camp the girls enjoyed the Strawberry Stuffed French Toast and the first cook crew (Annie, Maya, Allison, Evie) created a wonderful dinner of Teriyaki Stir Fry. Rafting on the Gallatin River yesterday was fun for all and they enjoyed hitting 8 rapids in a row and then did some rafting donuts and some girls exited the boat voluntarily to swim in the river for fun. They saw birds, fish and fisherman all along the way. There was a really great dish crew of Katie, Sophie and Adhara - these girls rocked the dirty dish duties! The group had 100% participation in their 1st Roadside Dance Party - LOD Katie chose the song Footloose and it was a hit with all girls strutting their stuff! The girls have chosen their skill beads to attempt to earn during camp.

Skill Beads:

Wilderness First Aid Bead - Adhara, Maddie, Evelyn, Avery, Elsie

Backpacking Bead - Katie and Annie

Fire Bead - Evie, Adhara, Avery, Annnie, Allison

Cook Bead - Sophia, Maya, Evie

Water Bead - Elsie and Allison

Yoga - Maya and Evelyn

Group Living Bead - Evelyn and a few others.

We're posting a few more photos on Alpengirl Camp Facebook and Instagram tonight. We will post another blog and more photos after the backpacking trip ends on 7/12. All is well!