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Wilderness Horse Pack Trip Success

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About the 5-day Horse Pack Trip

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:19

The Yellowstone Horseback Adventure I group has checked in and are doing great! They finished the 5-day pack trip and are currently enjoying showers and laundry before having Naan Pizza tonight and part 2 of Hannah’s care package (part 1 was the postcards and girls have already written them and they were mailed prior to the horse pack trip.) They are having a chill evening with few mosquitoes due to a light breeze in the valley and may even sleep under the stars tonight. The Alpenguides report that the girls have really joined together as a non-cliquey group with all girls befriending all others. 

The 1st day of the horse pack trip was a challenge with mosquitoes and hot heat on the ride, girls were tired as they reached their first night campsite in the mountains and got to bed early. This ride was good, girls loved the horses they were matched with and the day was but made easier by the excellent LOD leadership by Laney. The lunch was loved by all, it was the Veggie Chili and dinner was a ht with Turkey Sloppy Joe’s. This evening Casey (the horse outfitter) showed off by standing on his horse and snapping a bull whip in the air, he’s quite a good showman. Evie got really into practicing the bull whip in the field at camp, she was approaching obsession and mastered it!

The second day of riding was better than the first, it was fantastic! The LOD was Saskia and a great day ride with an evening of bareback riding around camp. There was no homesickness, they had more food, more water and less mosquitoes (by a little bit) and all were overall in a better place than yesterday:) Merit won the Alpenolympic Eco Toothpaste Spray, Ella won the Alpenolympic Talent Show by sining Silent Night in German and Ella, Laney and Saskia made the dessert which was fresh oranges that were emptied and filled with muffin mix and baked in the campfire coals - yum! Today Jayden led a Group Living Skill Bead discussion about overcoming challenges and it went well. 

The group packed up the mules and rode horses to a new camp on the 3rd day of the horse pack trip. This was a slightly less buggy spot and Evie was a wonderful LOD today. Debbie won the Alpenolympic Microtrash Pick-up, and the girls are matched with new tent mates which went over well. Tonight Evie earned her Cooking Skill Bead by making the entire Chicken Tortilla Soup dinner which was absolutely fabulous! 

On the 4th day of the pack trip the group went on a day ride to summit the continental divide where they had a great view of the Teton Mountain Range in WY in the distance. There were 2 more Group Living Skill Bead discussions facilitated at lunch today and Saskia won the Marshmallow Count Alpenolympic Event. One awesome highlight of today was a short walk to an amazing sunset viewing spot where the photo opportunity was perfecto! Today’s LOD was Ella and there was lots of time to work on skill beads at camp today. Aubrey and Emma worked on their Yoga Bead, Ella worked on her Navigation Bead. Debbie, Laney, Saskia and Hannah worked on their Shelter Bead and Debbie created a wonderful teepee like shelter and all girls set up and took a tent down completely on their own. Casey assisted our Fire Bead girl (Ella) in earning her Fire Bead by starting a campfire on her own. Dinner was a campfire foil packet finished off with s’mores! 

On the final day of the pack trip (today), the group was efficient and packed up and rode out to the valley below where they are all cleaned up and chilling out together.

Tomorrow the group will rise early and head towards West Yellowstone and pick up some groceries before touring Yellowstone National Park and camping in the park. Just a few days left with Yellowstone & Teton National Park, Rafting the Snake River, Souvenir Shopping and Ice Cream and Pizza Party and awards in Jackson Hole, WY!

We hope to post a photo from the group to Alpengirl Camp Facebook and Instagram tomorrow - stay tuned:)