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Day Hike Summit at Raft Camp

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Wild & Scenic Raft Camp Blog

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 23:17

From the Field ~ Notes from Alpenguides Hannah & Audrey:

We summited a mountain! We accomplished a challenging 5 mile uphill day hike up to reach the top of a mountain and Louisa said, “climbing a mountain is so hard when you are doing it but at the end your body just feels so tired and great, I feel so great!” We also hiked to a swimming hole on the nearby river which we loved for a refreshing dip on our hottest day at camp so far.  

Weather has been great! No rain, sunny and we are slathering on lots of the sunscreen. 

We enjoyed a campfire meal and s’mores and other meals have been burritos and breakfast bruschetta all were big hits and everyone will have cooked something by tonight. 

Alpenolympics Tarp Wrestling Event was won by Ella, the Foil Sculpture Event was won by McKenna, and the Alpenolympic Whale Breaching Event will take place later today. Other games and fun things have been "little sally walker” and singing Hamilton songs in the van!  

The girls going for the Camp Group Living Bead are: Izzy, Liza, McKenna, Remi, Maggie & Marin. Cook Bead girls are: Ella, Sarah, Mary, Louisa, Sofia, McKenna. Backpacking Bead girls (turned into Raft Specific Bead instead of backpacking) are: Louisa, Liza, Sofia, Remi, Nikki, Maggie, Sarah, Izzy. Ella is going for the Wilderness First Aid bead and a few girls are going for the Navigation and Yoga beads.

Leaders of the Day (LODS) so far have been: Liza, Louisa, Sofia, Marin. Marin, Izzy, Sofia, Maggie, and Liza in particular have been all super focused and pay incredible attention to the group as a whole and Remi is stepping up as a positive leader more each day.  

Mishaps… 2 girls spilled water bottles in their tents but people’s stuff mostly was dry and it was easy to clean up:)

Yummies: We got ice cream sandwiches after our hike!

All the girls are doing a great job at being inclusive and everyone is totally part of the group. 

Girls are also reading aloud to each other during downtime and in the van because they want to read but also want to hang out with their friends - it’s the cutest thing ever!

Hannah and I are having so much fun and are totally goofy, we had a goodbye July celebration yesterday - mostly just the ice cream but also a lot of silliness.

Izzy got her care package this morning and loved it, everyone is going to eat the chia squeeze on the horseback ride which they are psyched for.

Yay ~ it’s all good! We’ll post photo on Alpengirl Camp Facebook and Instagram page later tonight. Next blog is not for a while - after the raft trip which is going to be a blast! 

NOTE: Tomorrow (8/2) staff have the pre-scheduled “Parent Calls.” Hannah or Audrey will attempt to place these calls morning, afternoon or evening and they will call from blocked cell phone numbers and will leave a message if parents don’t pick-up when they call.