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Fun & Games in the PNW

Sat, 08/04/2018 - 23:55

The Washignton Lil' Alpengirls are doing really great! They have been playing lots of games and already did two small hikes before the backpacking trip that started today in the Hoh rainforest. They started camp with all the usual info talks and enjoyed Welcome Burritos on the 1st night before bedtime with the sounds of crashing waves lulling them to sleep. The group camped two nights at a campsite above the Straits of Juan de Fuca with wonderful views of Canada in the distance and tidepools to explore witin a 5 minute trek from the tents. The weather has been really pleasant although a bit chilly at times, but, a refreshing change of pace for many girls. Today is sunny and warmer and they will be in t-shirt and shorts hiking the 4.5 - 5 miles with backpacks on to arrive at their campsite tongight along the Hoh River. The Leaders of the Day (LOD's) so far have been Siena, Ireland, Ava and Sarah - each camper getting at least one 1/2 day of leadership during the short 8-day camp session. There are several girls attempting to earn the Cook Bead and Caitlin earned hers this morning by cooking breakfast and serving it to the group and learning how to use the camp stoves for meal prep. Last night the cook group cooked Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry and everyone enjoyed sharing in Sarah's Camper Care Package which included Brownie Brittle for all! We've had Alpenolympic Events: Cherry Seed Spitting Contest & Microtrash Pick-up so far with a road side dance party soon to come! We've played cards, done some group games such as Museum and Who Let Dogs Out and currently we have an ongoing Alpenolympic Event going on called... "You Got Got!" The food has been eaten right up with Yogurt Parfaits and snadwiches and Stuffed Strawberry French Toast, all girls are in good health and great spirits and we're so happy to share this beautiful place and time with them! We posted a few photos from the first 24 hours of camp to the Alpengirl Camp Facebook page.