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An Amazing 2018 Summer ~ Thank you!

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A Successful Summer at Alpengirl Camp

Sat, 09/01/2018 - 15:46

Alpengirl Camp Summer 2018What an amazing summer we’ve had! THANK YOU to all the camp staff, campers, camp parents and outfitters who made this camp season such an incredible success.

Each trip was filled with hilarious, intrepid, and exceptionally kind girls and our Alpenguides were deeply inspired by working with these dynamic groups. From shrieking as our rafts went through a fun whitewater rapid to sweating it out in the name of achieving a mountain summit view, this summer seemed to leap from one memorable moment to the next, and so many images stand out clearly! Cooking over the fire in an alpine meadow as horses and mules graze in the distance and a full moon rises over the Centennial Valley... Campers doing an impromptu rendition of the Macarena dance in the wildflowers around Mirror Lake in the Spanish Peaks Wilderness... Splashing and floating in the clear blue water of Ross Lake after a hot day of backpacking, lazily admiring the rows upon rows of peaks in the North Cascades... Practicing Alpengyoga in the sand and channelling the strength of mighty sea stacks on the Olympic Coast of Washington... The list goes on and on!

It takes some magic to make these moments happen, but none of this would be possible without all of you, and we thank you once again! Also, If you would like to have the photos of these trip highlights and many, many more camp memories, all the photos from the summer are now ready for delivery and have been sent to those who paid in advance. If you would like to receive the images from your session, send a check for $40 to Alpengirl at PO Box 1138 Manhattan MT 59741. And remember, proceeds from the photo sale go toward camper scholarships for next summer.

Speaking of next summer, it is already on our minds here at the Alpengirl Headquarters. All our gear and supplies have undergone a complete facelift over the past three weeks, and having sorted through the thousands of delightful photos, sewed up a few tents, and purchased ourselves a brand new whiteboard, planning for Summer 2019 is well underway! Stay tuned for the schedule and dates.

Laura loved dreaming up trip itineraries, cleaning trailers, and adventuring with girls in the great outdoors so much this past year that she is transitioning into a new role as Assistant Camp Director for Alpengirl. She’ll be weathering the Manhattan, MT winter alongside Camp Director Alissa as they keep the Alpengirl spirit thriving until we can get back out on those trails and waterways next year. We’re already looking forward to it - but until then, don’t forget to thank your Cook Group, practice your Sun Salutations, and let your camp necklace remind you of all the things you learned and all the ways you grew with us this year!