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Winter at Alpengirl

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Do Alpenguides Even Exist in the Winter?

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 22:18

Girls summer camp Montana skiingSnow covers the Bridger Range to the east, the Tobacco Roots to the southwest, and the Gallatin Mountains due south - the wide valley that Alpengirl Camp calls home is surrounded by mountain ranges. After winter snowstorms, they are sharp and white against the blue Montana sky. (Well, the sky is blue for a few hours each day at least). Short days make for sunrise and sunset commutes, with rosy alpenglow coloring the snowy peaks morning and night. Long nights with temperatures well below freezing make for sparkling stars and surprising mornings: often a snow squall has blown through town during the night, leaving a fresh dusting over everything as the sun peeks up.

Our Alpenguides are scattered near and far during the winter months, pursuing their passions and living lives of hard work, learning, creativity and adventure. Viva is studying in Mexico this winter, enjoying warmth, good food, and a balance of exploration and academics. Sunny K is bringing her infectious enthusiasm and big-heartedness to student teaching in Bozeman as she finishes her degree. Little Fish continues to charm the smallest citizens of the Gallatin Valley through her ballet classes and teaching french to local elementary students. True to her name, she is not afraid to wade into any of our nearby rivers for an afternoon of fly fishing (despite the tiny icebergs floating by!) New Alpenguide Bear Cat works with teen volunteers at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, while keeping up a rigorous schedule of winter hikes, dance classes, and the occasional evening of Dungeons and Dragons.

Camp Director A-Girl and Assistant Camp Director Cindy Lou Who are holding down the fort at the Alpengirl office under the loving gaze of the Summer 2019 master calendar. Their days are full of welcoming campers new and old as registration continues, talking with the many wonderful women interested in joining the dynamic Alpenguide team, and planning the summer’s many activities and adventures.

Despite their days dedicated to Alpengirl, weekly ski expeditions, and other winter pursuits, these two felt that they had too much free time on the weekends, and were in need of a winter adventure of a different sort. November found A-Girl and Cindy Lou opening their very own coffee shop and bakery in Manhattan, MT, where they serve up espresso, pastries, and good cheer on the weekends. Cindy Lou Who continues to teach and practice yoga, and A-Girl enjoys the winter weather with her two fluffy sidekicks.

They are excited for lengthening days, the continued coming-together of an amazing team of Alpenguides for 2019, and for each and every girl who decides to adventure with us next summer. For now, wear appropriate layers, get some fresh air, and stay adventurous!