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Backpacking Tobacco Roots

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With MT Lil’s A Alpengirls

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 22:52

Tobacco Root Mountains AlpengirlAlpenguides Sarah (aka Curious Chameleon) and Grace (aka Starlight) have managed to find a spot to quickly text a photo from the lake and a short report on backpacking in the Tobacco Root Mountains. 

"First Day of backpacking - we had our first rockin’ road-side dance party en route to the trail head and hiked a mile and a half to set up camp by the fast-moving clear cold creek where we had an Alpenolympic Activity: Best Nest - Tent Set Up. We had bowls of hot chicken and rice for dinner, Maddie and Rose who are going for their Water Skill Bead learned about purification with Aqua Mira and then taught and demonstrated proper use to the group. The next day we hiked several more miles and camped just short of reaching the lake due to left over snow en route. We worked with girls on bear bag hangs and ate Fancy Mac and Cheese for din (was a big hit). The next day we did manage to make it to the lake which was still quite cold, but beautiful and perfect for our Alpenessay writing reflection time and for identifying the surrounding peaks (Mackenzie, who is going for her Navigation Skill Bead, identified the peaks we could see from the lake!) We enjoyed our lunch: Not So Plain Cheese and Crackers (another hit), returned to camp and had our Alpenolympic Talent Show event that night. We left early morning today to hike out back the the trailhead and are on our way to the hot springs for showers, soaking, closing ceremonies and pizza party! It’s all going well, we had a great adventure!”