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Columbia Cascades & Coast - From the Field

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Tue, 06/25/2019 - 23:51

Girls  summer camp whitewater raftingThe first days of CCC have been idyllic! The weather has been beautiful, 75 and sunny - perfect! Especially for our first days of activities on the water. The first night was a bit cold, so the group adjusted sleeping layers and strategies in order to be warm and cozy the following night. The first full day of camp included a class 3 and 4 whitewater rafting expedition. The girls got soaked and loved it, but no one fell out of the boat :) and we got some awesome photos. 4 girls cliff jumped during the rafting, which was their favorite part (Remy, Sonja, Mckenna and Ramona). Grace particularly enjoyed being in the front of the raft, loving the excitement up there! And we were inspired by Hayley and Nicky, our raft guides.

The first Alpenolympic," Best Natural Risk Impression" went to Merit for an impressive mountain lion impression. The first LOD was Remy, who brought helpful prior knowledge to the role from her previous camp sessions. She picked Tupelo for the next LOD because she felt she would be a responsible leader. We agree! The girls have decided which skill beads they will be working toward this session. Clio and Ramona are both doing Group Living, Yoga and Cooking, Merit is doing Fire, Yoga and Group Living, Grace ia doing Cooking and Backpacking, Ava is doing Fire and Cook, Mckenna is doing Navigation, Cooking and Group Living, Sonja is doing Water and Yoga, Tupelo is doing Water and Cooking, and Remy is doing Wilderness First Aid, Fire and Group Living.

Girls  summer camp whitewater raftingOn the first night of camp, the group enjoyed Alpengirl Welcome Burritos. The next morning we noshed on Strawberry stuffed french toast with fruit, and had turkey sandwiches with bananas and pirates booty for lunch. The first girls assigned to the Cook group prepared last night's dinner, with Ramona working on the stir fry and Tupelo putting together the appetizer. This morning we layered Spring Lover's Fruit Parfaits into our ditty bowls, and then took wraps with us onto the river. Tonight we'll enjoy a chef salad with fried polenta. 

Ramona shared her Artist care package with the group, we especially loved the brownie brittle and the postcards. Mckenna lead the group in a riddle game this morning. Ava made a tiny homemade snowflake for Alpenguide Lyra, which Lyra loved :) Cleo has been earning Karma points and recording the group's activities in her journal. And there are lots of expert hairdressers in the group inveting fanciful and creative braids!

On today's kayaking adventure, all the girls went over Ishy Pishy, the biggest rapid of the day, in single sit-on-top kayaks. The rapid came at the very end of their paddle, and most people went over on their own, but some rafted up in a group of 4 and went over together: Ava, Sonja, Grace, and Alpenguide Erin. Clio and Mckenna both won a Kayak Paddle Tossing Alpenolympic, and the group spotted bald eagles, wild turkeys and deer. We missed a rainstorm by hiding in the van just in time!

Tonight we are planning a Constume Contest Alpenolympic, and tomorrow morning we will be packing up after yoga and breakfast to head into the mountains. The girls will be continuing to be working on their skill beads and having an Alpenolympic talent show during the backpacking trip, and we will be posting another blog after they return from their backcountry adventure on July 1st.