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Mt St Helens Hikers

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WA Backpacking Update

Sat, 06/29/2019 - 12:23

Alpenguides Lyra (aka Bear Cat) and Erin (aka Spruce) found a spot to send out a quick text from the backpacking trip at Mt St Helens area (limited cell service prevented photo from coming through with text)...

"After a few very wet and rainy days, we are finally seeing some sunshine again here. The first day of backpacking, we hiked in about 3 miles to our first campsite and quickly set up tents to keep dry and to warm up. The second day of our backcountry trip we kept our base camp set up and hiked on the shoulder of Mt St Helens above our campsite and did some "snurfing" (snow surfing) and we enjoyed a sunny afternoon of prepping for the Alpenolympic Talent Show which Sonja won with a beautiful original poem she wrote. There was also talent acts that incuded singing, dancing a comedy routine and a "chose your own adventure" skit! Today we are packing up and continuing on our route to arrive at a campsite next to a small lake. We are looking forward to more of this sun and warmer temps and we're doing well."