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Yellowstone Horseback Adventure II

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Welcome to Summer 2019 Alpengirls

Sun, 06/23/2019 - 03:27

Girls Horse Camp II 2019The 1st Alpengirl group of summer 2019 has arrived to Bozeman today ~ Yeehaw! These Yellowstone Horseback Adventure II girls are a mighty group of 12 who starting off camp by easily remembering eachothers names and having fun with 'practice' goofy group photos, name games, making a list of music to play in the van ride to the campsite and snacking on goldfish crackers and fruit while waiting for all to arrive at the airport. They had their intro to camp talk at the airport, drove to their campsite next to the river and learned how to set up their tents and are snuggled into bed after "Welcome to Camp" Burrito Dinner followed by an M & M Getting to Know You Game. The weather is cool and cloudy but not much rain, it is due to warm up tomorrow and we have switched floatation from inner tubes to Sea Eagle Raft for the adventure on water tomorrow in order to have a warmer and somewhat drier experience:) Tomorrow they will also enjoy a soak in a natural hot spring pool which will definantley warm them up for a good nights rest after a busy and full 1st day at camp. All is well, I'll post more "news from the field" in the coming days from this group winithin the next few days, stay tuned.