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3-Day Sea Kayaking Trip

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San Juan's Islands - WA

Thu, 07/25/2019 - 12:21

Sea Kayaking CampingHi this is Alpenguide Erin calling in to talk about our 3-day kayak trip, we have had an amazing time and all the girls are doing great and some will be mentioned here, but all are doing awesome, we’re happy as clams…

“Day 1: We started out on the first day at Deception Pass State Park and Keali was our Leader of the Day (LOD) she got us up early and we drove to green took the ferry to Guemes Island where we met our kayaking guides Sharman and Laura and we had a delicious lunch of Mediterranean Nachos while appreciating a perfect view of Mount Baker, not a single cloud in the sky. We got geared up and listened to instructions and we did our big crossing and island hopped over to Cypress Island going through some cone islands along the way through the San Juan’s and that first day was a 3 mile paddle and as soon as we got to Cypress Island and camped on Pelican Beach we unloaded the boats and got back in and kayaked to Eagle Harbor. It was much easier when our boats were empty and at Eagle Harbor we saw a lot of Lions Mane Jellyfish and seals along the way which is exciting. We collected firewood and went back, so we did 6 miles that day and had our campfire dinner on the beach and Juniper, Keali and Carisa all earned their Fire Skill Bead that night when they made campfires and then led us in some campfire songs and Juniper also won Alpenolympic Tinfoil Design for our campfire stew dinner packets then we had our Alpenolympic Costume Contest and the Natalia and Katya together for dressing up as the Princess Pat and the Channel Two and that night we slept under the stars and saw porpoises right as we are falling asleep and fell asleep to the sound of the waves under a beautiful clear evening sky.

Day 2: We then woke up to a foggy morning and Juniper was our next LOD. The fog burned off really quickly as we kayaked to Smugglers Cove and which is also referred to as Zoe Hardy’s Beach and our guides talked about the history of the cabin Zoe built there. As the sun appeared we left the cove and saw a river otters which the kayak guides say are really rare to see, it was very exciting. We had a long passage over to Sinclair Island where we had lunch of Fancy Bagel Sandwiches and on our way back Sadie and Ashland had a little trouble with a broken rudder in their kayak but they still ended up making it despite their broken rudder and we all were very tired when we got back to the campsite, but so happy that we kayaked the full 8 miles that day. After after a delicious dinner of Ramen and Seaweed Salad that was collected by our kayaking guides from the bull kelp we hiked up to Eagle Point and the saw beautiful sunset, we made it right up by sunset and Sage has been running out of words to mean “beautiful” and is trying her best. After we saw the sun set up there we did our LOD appreciation circle and nails and everybody talked about the highlights of the day and how proud they were of making it through the tough paddle. When we made it down in the dark from our hike Alpenguide Lyra pointed out some bioluminescent plankton in the water that glittered as the waves crashed on the beach and we decided to sleep under the stars again that night.

Day 3: We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, had yoga and saluted the sun and enjoyed Cheesy Grits for breakfast and started our final passage. Olivia proved yourself to be one of the strongest paddlers and steerers on our trip and she helped everyone get through the final passage. Carisa was our LOD and she pointed out a family of seals that we saw as we crossed. We were worried about the wind, so we were trying to get through quickly and we ended up making our final passage in 20 minutes, it was a full mile and we got through with lots and lots of singing! We arrived back at Guemes Island, said goodbye to our kayak guides who led us in a cinnamon roll hug before taking the ferry back to the mainland.”  

We are camping in Anacortes, WA and tonight we are having a lot of meaningful conversations facilitated by our Group Living Skill Bead earners about peer pressure, stress and anxiety and the benefits of using of humor in tough times. We are eating Cheesy Broccoli Pasta and we're sleeping under the stars again. OK that's all goodnight, it’s been a super fun 3-day kayak trip and we’re looking forward to rock climbing tomorrow!”