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Backcountry Horse Pack Trip

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Centennial Mountains ~ SW Montana

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 14:50

Horse Camp GirlsAlpenguides Hannah (aka “Little Fish”) and Clara (aka “Bright Eyes”) have reported in “A-OK!” They had a great time in the mountains on their 5-day horse pack trip and are currently re-supplying groceries in town before heading out again to the interior of Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. They will have limited cell service again through the next few days until reaching Jackson, WY where they finish up camp with rafting, pizza party, awards and souvenir shopping. This is the final blog post for their trip, if we receive more photos, we will post them to Facebook ( and Instagram (

“We’d love to highlight each camper, they’ve all done so well and the horse pack trip was a lot of fun: Sammie earned great respect and admiration of the horse outfitters by working with her horse Bunny with strength and determination, she has proven to be a wealth of knowledge as well. Caitlin took a tumble while bareback riding around camp, but, jumped right back on like a champ and also earned her Cook Skill Bead by making Peach Cinnamon Pancakes for the group which was one of the best meals so far! Gigi found inner cowgirl and surprised all as a natural with a bull whip. Jacy showed superb riding skills while practicing loping in the meadow with her horse Penny. Sophia fell in love with her horse Blondie and kept everyone laughing sun up to sun down with her dance moves. Lola and Maggie demonstrated true grit by successfully packing a mantie to earn the Horse Packing Skill Bead. Anna built a stellar fire to cook our campfire dinner on and earned her Fire Skill Bead. Alexis and Nicola practiced their navigation skills and were able to show the group our route every day on the map and could always point to show where the trailhead/van was no matter where they were in the backcountry - quite a useful skill to have! Claudia was a star MC for the Alpenolympic Talent Show and fully embraced playing in the snow by penguin sliding down the hill on her belly. Other highlights were the Alpenolympic Whistle Blow Event (Sophia won for style, Lola won for duration and Anna won for loudness), Alpenolympic Nalgene Shot Put (Claudia won for both height and distance) and getting to canter their horses was probably the biggest highlight. This group can eat lots:) They really raved about the campfire dinner, peach pancakes, s’mores and breakfast burritos during the pack trip. Overall the weather has been great except for 1 wild thunderstorm on the 2nd night of the pack trip, it was kind of scary, but passed quickly. The other notable bummer was mosquitoes were at pretty bad at times on the pack trip. Tonight we are enjoying Pita Pizzas, taking hot showers and getting cleaned up and are ready to head into the front country to re-supply food before going into Yellowstone tomorrow. It’s been a great trip so far!”