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From the Field: Horse Adventure I

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Water Activities & Fun in SW Montana

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 03:34

Montana Lake Alpengirl CampThe Alpenguides Margaux (aka “Viva”) & Kyana (aka “Sunny K”) called in today with an overview of how the start of camp is going - “Everyone is friends, lots of games” sums it up, but here’s more…

“Day1:  The group arrived as planned to the Bozeman Airport and we spent lots of time together before leaving playing name games and getting to know each other. We loaded into the van and drove out to our first campsite along the river where we enjoyed “Welcome Burritos” with chips and salsa before heading into tents for a good nights rest. It was a long travel day for some and the girls were wiped out by bedtime.

Day 2: We finished up our intro to camp talks while we had some rain and clouds in the morning. By afternoon, we found our perfect window to jump on our Sea Eagle Rafts and float the river for about 1.5 hours - everyone had lots of fun and there was a puppy there on the river side that everyone fell in love with! We learned more about what our group wants from each other through a “roots and branches tree activity” that will help us grow together during our time at camp, we will refer to it again when things seem amiss and this will surely help the group re-focus on what they want from themselves and each other during camp, it was a very empowering activity. Our 1st Leader of the Day (LOD) was Nikki and she did an awesome job as a return camper. We had our 1st Alpenolymic Event and Nikki and London won it! The evening was spent at a natural hot spring pool where we enjoyed soaking in hot water and Nora, London and Syd cooked Teriyaki Steak Dinner ~ delicious! Sone skill beads were declared… Romina is going for Shelter & Horse Packing, Brantlee is going for Fire & Wilderness First Aid, Esme is going for Cooking, Frances is going for Horse Packing & Water. Our 9:15 activity was the M & M Game where we learned  about what people are most proud of, a person they are inspired by and favorite place sin the world. 

Day 3: Today we woke up to a beauty sunrise, did some yoga, and enjoyed Eggstraordinary Egg Sandwiches for breakfast. We packed up efficiently and were on the road by 8 am and drove to the beautiful blue mountain lake where we found a great campsite on the hilltop, hiked down to the lake shore, rented SUP’s, Canoes and kayaks and paddled across the lake in a perfect weather day - no wind, lots of sun and not too busy with people:) At lunch we had an Alpenolympic Event: Best Bear Impression which Nora and Syd won! Today’s LOD is Nora. A memorable event happened today which is unlike any we have seen at Alpengirl, a bear was spotted swimming across the lake we were paddling on, we avoided it and no harm was done, but, a wild experience nonetheless! Tonight is 4th of July and we plan to have a the Alpenwear Fashion Show and girls will do some menu planning and more fun and games to celebrate. Overall everyone is friends, lots games, and doing well.”

There will be another blog posted with photo after the group is out of the backcountry on July 11 when the horse pack trip is completed. Tomorrow the group is re-supplying food, taking showers and doing laundry and going to the rodeo! 

NOTE: Parents, the staff will place the pre-scheduled parent calls to you tomorrow (July 5) in morning, afternoon or evening, keep your eyes out for blocked cell phone calls, that is likely the staff trying to call you to give a report of how your camper is doing at camp. If they miss you when they have time to call they will leave a detailed voicemail message for you. Remember, “no news is good news” and we’ll hear from the group again after pack trip ends on July 11. If we happen to get more photos (cell service is limited) we will post them to Instagram and Facebook.