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Majestic Big Sky Backpacking

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Golden Trout & Hidden Lakes

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 22:50

Wilderness Girls Adventure CampFrom Alpenguide Sarah (aka”Curious Chameleon”)…

“Backpacking Success: The first day of backpacking we got a slightly late start due to the long and bumpy backcountry road leading us to the trailhead, but the girls were troopers and were patient and we hiked in the 2.5 miles to reach Golden Trout Lake. Our Leader of the Day (LOD) was Ila and she was great at brightening spirits with her humor! We enjoyed hot chicken (or veggie) and rice dinner. The Alpenolympic Tent Set-up Event was won by Abby, Hazel, Maddie, and Ursula. 

The second day was a nice relaxing morning at the lake where we enjoyed Breakfast Bruschetta and then hiked towards the Elephant Head Mountain. We had a great time consulting our map and blazing our own trails and all campers were excited by the adventure. We had to turn around early because of the possibility of foul weather. We had More Than Mac n’ Cheese for dinner which was a big hit! Our LOD today was Loretta, and she was a friend to all! We did Best Nest Alpenolympic Event(aka Alpengirl “Cribs”), which was won by Maggie, Loretta, Elsa, and Shalom. They transformed their tent into a “Witchy Coven” (it was amazing, creative and fun). Sophie won an Alpenolympic Event for Micro-Trash Pick-up, she found “Beyonce’s baby’s sock.”

Wilderness Adventure Camp for girlsNext day we got an early start to a 7 mile backpacking day to Hidden Lakes. It was a long day but a beautiful hike! Hazel was the LOD and helped motivate everyone on the trail through the many steep parts and swarms of mosquitos! We had Fancy Ramen for dinner when we arrived and Ila won the Eco-Spray Tooth Brushing Alpenolympic Event.

This morning we were super efficient in leaving Hidden Lakes and were back at the trailhead by 11 am. Alyssa is the LOD today and is sharing lots of humor and kindness with us! Ella had her best  foot forward this morning during the hike, she radiated a sunny positive attitude and has earned several Karma Points during camp so far. Currently, everyone is thrilled to be showering right now in West Yellowstone and spirits are high! The girls are really looking forward to horseback riding hot spring soaking and Yellowstone Park coming up.  

On a side note, the girls told me that Alpenguide Beth (aka “Mama Bear“) and I are “really good at being best friends” and this was a moment to cherish, because we are a newly matched Alpenguide team and are getting along well together and feel happy to lead this group of awesome Alpengirls!”

NOTE: Tomorrow (Monday July 22) is the pre-scheduled day that the Alpenguides (Beth or Sarah) will be calling parents and telling them how their Alpengirl is doing. Alpenguides call from BLOCKED phone numbers, so picking up those blocked calls on this day is a good idea:) They will try in morning, afternoon or evening and if they miss you when they have time to call, they will leave a voicemail message for you.