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Montana & Yellowstone Adventure

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Adventure Camp: Day 1 & 2

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 01:40

Montana and Yellowstone Adventure CampThe Alpenguides Grace (aka “Starlight”) and Clara (aka “Bright Eyes") have called in with a good report from camp near the end of day 2 today:

“On our first day of camp we loaded up at the airport and drove about 1.5 hours to reach our campsite at the hot springs campground near the Yellowstone River. The views en route were gorgeous with tall peaks and river all around. We set up our tents and ate yummy burritos, chips and salsa and ended with the M & M getting to know you game. We were in bed at an early time which was nice, it was a long travel day for many yesterday. This morning we did a little bit of yoga and had Strawberry Stuffed French Toast finished up our into to camp talks and the girls were engaged and happy. Today’s Leader of the Day (LOD) is Eva whose has done a great job so far as a return camper - checking in on each and every camper and involving everyone. The girls have been verbally telling us how much they have like the food so far, we will aim to keep this food enthusiasm going! After lunch we went on a great horseback ride at Cinnabar Basin and the girls had a great time. Elena was more than thrilled with her “foodie” care package she received today and everyone sipped on their Chia squeezes together in the afternoon sun. The group is choosing skill beads tonight after a dinner of Teriyaki Steak Stir Fry and stuffed goat cheese appetizers (cooked by Gigi and Andal.) Francesca, Sabine and Ash won the Alpenolympic Event: A Reenactment “How to Alert an Alpenguide of a Tic.” Dylan fully enjoyed riding horses in a new place and always had a smile on her face. Wheatlea has been bringing the group together with her kindness and love of trying new things. Everything is going smoothly so far, a thunderstorm may roll in this later evening, but we have finished dinner now and will cuddle up in our sleeping bags in the tents if we need to wait it out for a bit. We plan on a soak at the hot springs right next to our campsites tonight, so nice and easy for us! Tomorrow is a big day with rock climbing in the morning and rafting in the afternoon.”