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Montana & Yellowstone Adventure

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From the Field Report

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 14:28

Girls Camp Yellowstone ParkRecent voicemail messages received from the Montana & Yellowstone Alpenguides: 

“Hi, it's Grace & Clara calling in blog info about how things are going at camp during the first few days. So far the girls are enjoying so many aspects of camp and they fully throw themselves into everything and they are super helpful, they love to help each other and us. Some things to highlight are that the rafting company gave us two female guides specifically so we could have all-girl groups, the raft guides were really skilled and sweet with the girls and asked some great questions and gave the girls lots of confidence and competence in navigating the water. Our rock climbing guides were equally great, the rock climbing was lots of fun - every camper got on the wall and all got to belay, each experienced one of the 50 ft routes up the cliff face and from anywhere on the route there were great views of the valley with the Yellowstone River. The word the group used to describe the morning of climbing was “exhilarating!” The weather while rock climbing was kind of sunny but then overcast and then it started to rain before rafting, then cleared while rafting, so it was good timing for weather. Some meals we have had so far are Hawaiian Breakfast Bruschetta, Crai-Crai Chicken Wraps, Pesto Pizza on Naan Bread (A Super Hit - a favorite meal so far for many!) The girls have picked some of the upcoming menu so we are eating lots of great food. The “Tarp Wrestling” Alpenolympic Event is coming up next and we completed a “Group Forming Tree Activity” that will help us transition into a group talk about building and maintaining a positive group experience for all. Girls have declared what camp skill beads they are going for and here are a few campers and what they are going for: Sabine - Yoga, Group Living, Cooking. Eva - Backpacking, Navigation. Andal Shelter, Cook. Dylan Yoga, Backpacking, Group Living. Francesca - Yoga, Backpacking. Elena - Water, Group Living. Ash - Water, Yoga. Wheatlea - Shelter, Backpacking, Group Living. Our Leaders of the Day (LOD’s) during the first few days at camp have been Eva and Sabine. We’ll call in more info in a few days, all going well and the weather ahead looks bright and warming up!”

“Hi, it's Grace, Clara & Laura calling in more blog info, it’s July 11 and today we are scheduled to call parents with news from camp to let them know how their camper is doing. If we miss them when we try calling this morning, afternoon or evening, we will leave a detailed voicemail message. (PARENTS: Please remember, we will call in morning, afternoon or evening from a BLOCKED cell phone number today.) Today we will be in town re-supplying food, doing laundry and cleaning up with showers before we start our backpacking trip tomorrow. So, this will be our final blog call, we will try to post a photo or two on Facebook/Instagram after backpacking ends on July 15.”

“On Tuesday this week we toured Yellowstone National Park and visited the Norris Geyser Basin to view features and in afternoon wind calmed and temperatures rose and we kayaked on Yellowstone Lake, we rafted up, we raced, we saw elk and then had a sunset picnic dinner of Sassy Peanut Sauce Rice Bowls right on the shore of the lake and had games on the beach. Dylan won an Alpenolympic Event for “Best Presentation of Sassy Peanut Bowl.” Andal spent a day as the Leader of the Day (LOD) and has been sketching beautiful landscapes, geysers and pools in her notebook. Abby also spent a day as LOD and was great at the role as a return camper. Francesca, Gigi and Eva helped with a through van and trailer clean up so that the van got a complete makeover for the rest of our trip together and that was greatly appreciated:) We experienced summertime chilly temps at 8,000 ft elevation while camping in the Park."

"On Wednesday we warmed up quickly in the morning with yoga and Nutella Waffle Sandwiches with strawberries for breakfast. Then we drove up to Old Faithful to see the geyser go off and then did our “Ranger Danger Activity” learning about lots of the different animals and natural features of the Park. Eva and Sabine did some wonderful silent reenactments of the Ranger Danger presentations as they were happening. We had our Taco Salad lunch at Old Faithful and this evening we have been making Calzones at the campsite. Gigi had the biggest calzone, Elena had most svelte and put together calzone. Ash prepared a beautiful desert of Fruit Pizza Grahams with cantaloupe and raspberries and blueberries. We also have some girls starting to work on their Shelter Beads - Wheatley and Elena are getting really good at setting up their tents. Eva is starting to work on her Navigation Bead in preparation for the backpacking trip. It looks like we're going to have some wonderful weather coming up for backpacking, we really enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps and looking forward to getting up into Spanish Peaks for our backcountry days.”