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River Trip & Campfire Dinner

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Majestic Big Sky Adventure

Tue, 07/23/2019 - 22:06

River Adventure Camp GirlsOn Sunday, June 21st the Majestic Big Sky crew rolled into West Yellowstone with high spirits and bright smiles. After eating a yummy lunch of “Pumped Up PB”, the girls took showers and changed into some freshly cleaned clothes. With renewed energy, and clean hair, the girls hopped in the van and drove to Idaho! They camped near Macks Inn, ID setting up their tents before enjoying a yummy dinner of Pork Stroganoff. The girls going for their Cook Skill Bead learned how to use the two-burner Coleman stove with Alpenguide Beth. Their evening activity was a group discussion facilitated by Maggie, as part of earning her Group Living Bead. On Monday, June 22nd, after getting to sleep in a bit, the girls woke up to a sunny morning and a beautiful yoga session amongst the pine trees. For breakfast they enjoyed blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs, a filling meal before their big day on the river. Girls Camp Idaho BlogThe group headed off to Mack's Inn, where they were shuttled with their boats to the put-in on Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The river was beautiful and the weather sunny and warm. The girls took turns kayaking and canoeing, laughing and smiling all the way down the river. We rafted our boats up on the shore and enjoyed some grilled cheese sandwiches filled with cheese, pesto, tomato, and fresh basil! After we made it to our take-out point, we headed on over to another boat launch to spend some time playing in the river. We arrived back to our campsite to change into dry clothes. Hazel and Sophie were chosen to model some of the Alpenwear swag for the Camp Store Sales Event Fashion Show which was fun! Ila, Sophie, and Shalom worked with Alpenguide Beth to start their fires, part of the requirement for earning their Fire Skill Bead. Each girl was successful in starting her fire and keeping it going for 3 minutes completely unassisted. The cook group (Hazel, Elsa, and Ila) assembled Iceberg Wedge Salads (a hit) and helped chop up veggies for the campfire dinner and each camper assembled her campfire pocket stew and enjoyed a nice meal cooked over the fire, followed up by s'mores for dessert! The group seems to be really enjoying and appreciating the food at camp:) Their evening activity was lead by Alpenguide Sarah, where the girls discussed diversity amongst their group. They headed off to bed for an early morning and fun next day of horseback riding - Today. They are a relaxed group that enjoys some downtime, sitting in the sun or relaxing in a hammock.