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Rodeo & Horse Pack Trip

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Yellowstone Horseback Adventure II

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 17:48

Continental Divide Girls CampThe Yellowstone Horseback Adventure I Alpengirls greatly enjoyed going to a wild west rodeo just prior to the 5-day horse pack trip, it was fun to see about 1/2 of our group inside the arena chasing cows during a half-time crowd event! Early to bed, early to ride! The following morning we were up early and gathered up all our gear for the 5-day pack trip and drove into the Centennial Valley near Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge where we met our horses and outfitters. 

Brantlee was the Leader of the Day (LOD) on our first day with horses and did a great job of leading us to the first campsite in the mountains and at being the MC at our Alpenolymic Talent Show Event which was won by Nora for her “Spectacular Body Contortions Show!”  

The following day after breakfast and yoga was a day ride from our base campsite where we had fun sledding on a leftover snow field and Jess showed us some of her cool, smooth penguin moves:) This evening we had a Costume Contest Alpenolympic and Bentley took home the Gold for her “Russian Nature Woman” costume and made-up persona. Tully was also a winner today in the Animal Noises Alpenolympic Event where she showed us her, “Who Let the Dogs Out Bark.” This evening the desert was Campfire Muffins in an Orange, and surprisingly none were burnt and were delicious. 

Our third day of the horse pack trip, the girls who are going for their Horse Pack Trip Skill Bead (Romina, Frances, Nora) helped pack the mules for our move to a new base camp in the mountains. This day was the only day we experienced any foul weather, we rode in the rain a bit and then arrived to camp as it started to hail, then, suddenly sun reappeared to dry us out for the evening. Nikki and Romina worked on their Shelter Skill Beads and created shelters out of natural materials at camp, they did a great job! Nikki is our entertainer, always positive and spirited! One wonderful dinner was discovered tonight - Chicken Tortilla Soup - everyone loved it and it warmed us up after a cold day. Alpenolympic Winners Nikki, London, Esme, Romina and Bentley won “Best Nest” by decorating their tent and having it set up exactly right. Jess and Frances worked on earning their Water Skill Bead by demonstrating how to properly purify water in the backcountry by boiling and use of Aqua Mira. 

4th day starts out great with Peach Cinnamon Pancakes cooked by Esme who earned her Cook Skill Bead. The girls took a challenge by Casey the outfitter this morning to be efficient in getting onto riding and they were able to gallop horses in the field which was for sure a highlight of the camp. Lunch of Fancy Pants Cheese and Crackers atop the continental divide overlooking the valley below and peaks was a moment to remember as well. After the day ride today the Fire Bead girls (Jess, Tully, Brantlee) successfully started their own fires and London and Brantlee worked on earning their Wilderness First Aid Beads. Brantlee won an Alpenolympic: Best Horse Beautification by braiding, adding flowers and using twine to her horses mane:) This evening was a campfire dinner with s’mores - always a hit and so far we’ve had plenty of food and good food!  

Led by our amazing LOD (Frances) who excels at leadership, we once again packed up our mountain base camp on our final day of the horse pack trip and rode out back to the valley below for a final evening of campfire with Mel and his guitar, showers/laundry and sleeping out under the stars! Romina enjoyed sharing her “Foodie” care package with the group.

A few other highlights: learning how to snap a bull whip, not too buggy and not too hot and very little rain, everyone loved their horses and no one had issues with their horses, they have little to no homesickness and after doing some re-addressing of how to function well as a supportive group of 10, everyone is getting along very well again as we head out of backcountry and onto Yellowstone and Teton National Parks to end end. Less great things - many girls have gone through having a cold, but mostly just sore throat and stuffy nose, nothing too bad and now that’s clearing up again. 

Overall: A great time and beautiful memories created in the backcountry on horseback high up on the continental divide between Montana and Idaho!

This is our final blog from camp, but, we hope to post a few more photos from the last few days of camp (national parks tour, rafting, souvenir shopping in Jackson Hole, WY, and end of camp awards and pizza party) on Facebook and Instagram.