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Spanish Peaks Backpacking Trip

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Montana & Yellowstone Adventure

Tue, 07/16/2019 - 01:55

Backpacking Spanish Peaks Adventure GirlsThe group just called in their blog tonight, they have finished a successful backpacking trip together and were all smiles when seen this evening eating ice cream before dinner!

“Hi, it’s Clara calling for the blog,... we just got back into the front country after our 4-day backpacking trip in the Spanish Peaks Wilderness area, and there were so many good things that happened, girls had a blast backpacking even on the uphill struggles and with challenging weather and everyone worked together.  

The first day of backpacking we started on trail after a late lunch and had about a 4 mile fairly flat hike next to a creek and had a cold creek crossing before reaching our camping area. Our LOD was Dylan. As evening rolled in, the weather became less ideal, it rained and didn’t stop, we managed to get dinner cooked and eaten without anyone getting too wet. By the time we got into bed, everyone got warmed up and had a good night sleep.  

On our 2nd day, Elena was the LOD and led the group well. The group loved seeing Mirror Lake and the surrounding peaks, with beautiful views and leftover snow. This day hike we experienced afternoon thunderstorms and lightening while hiking, it rained from 4-9 pm and all got pretty wet. But, it ended up dry and warm, Grace and I made dinner while girls were in tents snuggled up. 

On the 3rd day Francesca was our LOD and we rose at dawn and got a head start on a challenging uphill day. We arrived earlier than expected to our campsite near Jerome Rocks Lake and had a great afternoon of rest and were in tents by the time the afternoon storms rolled in. Then a wonderful LOD appreciation meeting next to the lake, and everyone really loved the views here!

Our final day of backpacking today was another early start, led by our LOD Wheatlea. We hiked about 7.5 miles back to the trailhead and drove to Manhattan, MT for a surprise ice cream cone served up by Camp Director Alissa! 

A few other highlights of our backpacking trip: A few different girls earned their Cook Skill Beads during backpacking by cooking breakfasts. Abby won an a Snow Sculpture Alpenolympic Event. A tent group of Abby, Sabine and Elena won the Best Nest Alpenolympic Event. Many girls girls have completed (or are close to completing) their skill beads.

Now we are camped along the Jefferson River and enjoying Jamaican Veggie Burgers with watermelon and chips. Tomorrow is our last celebration together, we will start the day with Eggs in a Basket for breakfast and then head to Bozeman for showers, laundry and souvenir shopping before our closing ceremony and awards.”