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Thunder Creek Backpacking Trip

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North Cascades Adventure Girls

Sun, 07/14/2019 - 17:46

Views North Cascades Park

Alpenguides Lyra and Erin called in their final blog for the session…“Here’s our voicemail message for the North Cascades Adventure backpacking trip we just completed this afternoon…

The 1st day of our backpacking trip we left the Darrington, WA campsite early and drove to Marblemount, WA to stop by the Wilderness Information Center to pick up our permits and bear canisters. We enjoyed the sunshine while learning how to use our bear cans and how to pack our bags and we had our 1st roadside party at a beautiful overlook of North Cascades National Park. After a quick salami wrap lunch, we hiked 2 miles and got to our first campsite and got used to our big heavy backpacks but we went pretty fast. As soon as we got to our campsite we wanted to dip our feet in Thunder Creek, some people went in up to their knees, it was very cold and the river was filled with glacial silt, it was this deep blue milky color. Along the way while we hiked today, Avery taught us the “Contact Game” which we played the whole  backpacking trip, it’s been really fun. The Leader of the Day (LOD) today was Cait and she was awesome she really helped to get us going and keep us motivated. Our first dinner was Chicken & Rice and everyone ate it up - very hungry! Jayden won the Alpenolympic Eco-Spray Toothbrushing Event this evening.  

Day 2 was a tougher hike than we expected, we started late with Apple Bruschetta Breakfast and then hiked 4 miles to McAllister Stock Camp. It took us a while to get used to our backpacks but we made it there thanks to our excellent LOD (Philine). Even though it was her first time backpacking, Philine really kept us going. The bad part of today was that there were LOTS of flies at McAllister Camp, but beautiful creek access and we washed our hair away from the water source:) Ava M. won the “Most Dramatic Hair Washing” Alpenolympic Event. We ate lots of ramen noodles for dinner and we all lOVED that!

Shelter Building SkillsDay 3 we hiked 3 1/2 miles to Junction Camp. By this day we were getting used to our backpacks and they were getting lighter due to the food we had been eating. But… there’s a big uphill climb today and we went up 1000 ft in 1 mile which was tough but made it thanks to our awesome LOD Siena who really kept us going when we needed it! It rained on us this day as we walked and we had lunch in the rain and then when we made it to Junction Campsite where there were some beautiful peekaboo views of Tricouni and Primus Peaks and part of Boston Glacier. The clouds were going in and out the whole time we were there but we saw waterfalls at one point;)

Woodsy Girls North CascadesDay 4 of our backpacking trip we woke to sun, had yoga and got to see peaks we couldn’t see day before. We had a 7 1/2 mile day hike to Skagit Queen Camp. There is a steep downhill then a steep uphill so we climbed 1500 feet down and 1000 feet back up and we did it back again! On the way back we were used to this kind of challenge and we didn't have our packs on and Ava R made an awesome LOD, she really kept a good pace for us the whole time. We were hoping to see a better view of Boston Galcier for Skagit Queen Campsite, but it was not appearing to us so we enjoyed views of a beautiful waterfall. On the way back to our campsite today we had a section where we each had a 10 minute solo hike which was really nice for everyone to get 10 minutes of hiking by themselves and experiencing the woods and silence around them. Back at camp, Ella and Siena built their shelters for their beads and they did a good job and they also both slept under the stars with Lyra and I. Evie made a great splint out of some left behind tent stakes for her Wilderness First Aid bead, and she had the most creative use of lichen and pine branches in our Backcountry Costume Contest! One bad thing about the Junction Campsite is that there were a lot of bugs, we were fighting mosquitoes all the time and we all had to wear our head nets and all have many bites, but the views were worth it!

North Cascades Girls CampDay 5 was our BIG 8 mile hike back to Thunder Camp which we were worried about Ramona _ leader of the day let us really well and we made it um we thought it was actually easier than our 4 1/2 mile trip there because we were used to the hills by then. WE swam - we were ready for this now, before when we were here we were wading and now we were ready to swim y to swim um which was nice there was a good deep section without a current !  and we had mac & cheese for dinner. and Ava M and Jaden _excellent group living conversation um as we ate are our no bake chocolate chip cookies. 

Camper Care PackagesDay 6. Our final day of backpacking included a 5 am start in order to day hike to the top of Fourth of July Pass which a tough climb! Ella was the LOD and she kept us going when we were not super happy about waking up early, but had a great view of Colonial Glacier. Everyone was really excited to have completed the final stretch of backpacking back the the van and trailhead and we celebrated by singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the last 2 miles of our hike. We made it to the van and enjoyed a beautiful drive through North Cascades National Park on HWY 20 and now we’re in Winthrop, WA having showers and doing laundry and tomorrow we will go rock climbing at 8 am with Ava M as our next LOD."

PHOTOS: The 1st is our peekaboo views of Tricouni Glacier at Junction Camp. The 2nd is Ramona & Ella practicing shelter building. The 3rd is Siena putting her final touches on her shelter. The 4th is our 1st meal in the front country after backpacking (Creamy Broccoli Pasta) as we clean-up and re-organize. The 5th is Ava R receiving her “Artist” care package. 

NOTE: Today Lyra and Erin will be attempting to place their pre-scheduled Parent Calls. Parents should look for a blocked phone numbers from staff today in the afternoon or evening when they have time to call. If they miss you, they will leave a detailed voicemail message for you. The group is currently rock climbing and then just a few more days until the end of camp. We hope to add some more images to Facebook and Instagram before the girls end camp on July 17.