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Whitewater Rafting Sauk River

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North Cascades Alpengirls - All Good!

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 21:10

Floating Sauk RiverLast night’s voicemail message received from North Cascades Alpenguide Erin (aka “Spruce”):

“Hi this is Erin checking in with the blog call for July 7. So we just got finished with rafting trip, it was awesome we are on the Sauk River. The weather is a little rainy with bits of sun, but it's kind of a typical moody Pacific Northwest so we're loving it! Right now Ava R is taking over and helping cook Teriyaki Steak Str Fry while Philine and Evie are figuring out the recipe for the stuffed apricot appetizers and those look great! Today we had 2 Alpenolympic Events: 1) Best Natural Risk Impression that Ava R won with her impression of a moose even though she had never seen a moose before it was spot on with excellent sound effects! 2) Stone Skipping won by Siena with three skips and the longest distance. Our leader of the day (LOD) today is Avery, she's doing great and she was the lead paddler in her raft. When we went rafting, no one fell out, but some took an optional swim. Jayden, Avery, Ramona and  Ava M were especially excited to swim and they jumped out whenever they could, whenever the guide told them they could even though it was really cold. Siena learned all about “reading the river” from our raft guide today, she had lots of questions and was eager to figure things out! Ella & Cait showed the group all the thimbleberries around our campsite which was very fun, so we've been munching on those and they are helping us identify those wherever we go. Ava M got her “Foodie” care package today and was thrilled about the cookbook! The Camp Skill Beads were declared by the girls today, we have someone going for every bead except Navigation and all girls are attempting to earn at least 1 bead. Jayden is going for Group Living, Cooking, Water. Ramona is going for Backpacking and Water. Siena is going for Group Living, Shelter and Cooking. Cait is going for Wilderness First Aid and Fire. Ella is going for a Group Living, Shelter and Wilderness First Aid. Ava M is going for Wilderness First Aid, Group Living and Fire. Avery is going for Wilderness First Aid and Backpacking. Ava R is going for Group Living, Yoga and Backpacking. Evie is going for Wilderness First Aid and Cooking. So we've got lots of skills going in in this group, it’s going to be action packed! Overall we are all good, healthy and happy, weather is gray but OK.”

Rafting Group Sauk RiverThis group is now in the backcountry starting their backpacking trip. We will post another blog and photo as they exit the backcountry on July 14, which is also the day that staff are scheduled to call parents with news from camp. Please remember, staff will call soon July 14 in morning, afternoon or evening from a blocked cell phone number. If they miss you when they have time to call, they will leave a detailed voicemail message for you to let you know how your camper is doing. 

Siena, Avery, Ava M, Ava R enjoying an optional swim/float in the glacial water near the end of the raft trip (Photo #1)

A group photo after we got through the toughest rapid “Whirlpool”. (Photo #2)