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High Divide Route Olympic Natl’ Park

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Olympic Sea to Summit Backpacking

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 01:20

Olympic National Park Girls CampAfter spending an afternoon soaking at Sol Duc Hot Springs, we woke up to a foggy morning and Olivia was our leader of the day as we spent the morning packing and the fog cleared by the time we got to the trail head and climbed 4 1/2 miles uphill to Deer Lake and Olivia was a great leader of the day helping us with the route finding we set up camp. 

On day two - this is our biggest day with total 7 1/2 miles and gained 1700 feet of elevation as we hiked up to the High Divide Ridge reaching 5000 feet of elevation and walking through hundreds of wildflowers like Glacier Lillies, Paint Brush and Gentian. As we rounded the corner around the High Divide Ridge we saw a mother black bear and cub on the trail across the ridge from us we took a moment to watch it and then we sang songs. At camp we had a More Than Mac & Cheese Dinner and ending the evening with a group discussion about the things we appreciate in our lives while camped at CB Flats campsite.

Day three - we started by hiking back up the hill to the High Divide Trail, it was 2 miles of hard switchbacks and we were impressed by the group, it only took us an hour and a half to go right up the hill about a thousand feet with our leader of the day really helping us get up that hill with a lot of positivity! Once we got to the top, we were art the summit of Mount Bogachiel, which is over a mile above sea level and we had beautiful views of Mount Olympus and the glacier there and we took a few minutes of silence at the spot to appreciate it. We played in the snow fields and then we walked down to Heart Lake where we all took a quick dip into the cold water and then when we got to Sol Duc campsite, our Shelter Skill Bead girls all built shelters by themselves to earn their shelter beads with natural materials and what they have their backpacks. Olivia earned her cooking be that night as she spearheaded the cooking of Backcountry Shepherds Pie. We slept out that night under the stars and got a start for our early morning.

The final backpacking day was a pretty big day, we started with easy yoga and mellow hiking downhill. We were hiking great when we had a small setback when one camper fell while crossing a log and rolled her ankle but everyone came together and was happy to take the weight out of her bags and carry her gear. Alpenguides Erin & Lyra looks turns carrying the camper 4 miles back to the trailhead and everyone was awesome and were champions as they all pitched in as a team and we celebrated when we got back to the van! We ate Peanut Butter & Bagels with Nilla Wafers and chowed down on lots of car snacks! 

We are now at our post backpacking campsite on the straight of Juan de Fuca - beautiful views of Canada across the straights! We are headed to Canada tomorrow, there’s lots to do together still and a short amount of time to do it, we’ll miss these campers, it’s been an amazing experience that we felt privileged to share with these young women!