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Hoh Rainforest Backpacking

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Washington Adventure Camp for Girls

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 18:09

Girls Hiking CampThe day was chilly and foggy but we woke everybody up to get ready for our first day of  backpacking. The girls were excited to get to the trailhead and we got everyone’s backpacks packed and headed out by mid morning. It was Katie’s birthday and she started off her 12th Year with strong leadership as our first LOD of the day! With her help we were able to be organized and efficient in the morning getting packed up. We got to the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center and ate a yummy lunch of hummus, vegetables and green grapes at the trailhead. Right after lunch We hit the trail and started our 5 mile hike! Ari was our LOD in the afternoon and brought her wonderful energy and excitement which helped everyone throughout the hike. We had a wonderful time hiking, singing songs and playing trail games. The group especially liked the an animal alphabet trail game that lasted us several miles. Emily and Thea especially loved the game and listed off all sorts of different animals. Ellie and Nora were great friends to all on the trail and wowed us with their strength and confidence handling and hiking with their heavy loads. When we made it to the campground and the girls were tired but excited to be in the backcountry. We played down by the river and enjoyed the views of the mountains and the moon. We even saw a whole family of deer crossing the river! To end our day we ate a big meal of spaghetti and pita chips by the river and celebrated Katies birthday with a birthday song, cookies with candles and an LOD appreciation circle. The sun began to set and it was the cherry on top of a hard and rewarding day!! Everybody was able to reflect on the challenge of the day and everybody felt happy to be where we were and proud of what they achieved. To finish our day, we had an Eco-tooth Spray Alpenolympic Event and everyone showed their flair and pizzazz in their toothpaste disbursement. Abigail was the winner for style and skill. We all tucked into bed and fell asleep to the quiet stillness of the backcountry.

The next morning we awoke and did a lovely yoga session by the Hoh River and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of Monkey Energy Wraps. We began packing and hit the trail. Energy was low at times during our hike out so we sang lots of songs and gave our minds a workout by trying to figure out some riddles. Gabi was our LOD for the first half of the day and sang her heart out which kept everyone upbeat in the second half of our hike. We stopped for lunch on the trail and ate it overlooking the river and shaded by big beautiful trees. The lunch was “Not So Plain Cheese & Crackers” which was much needed after all the hard work! We hiked the last mile and a half and everyone was so proud of themselves for hiking 10 miles total. The van was a welcome site to the tired group and we had a quiet and relaxing van ride to our campsite. After getting the tents set up the girls had some much needed R & R, then we went straight getting cleaned up with warm nice showers! Gretchen was our LOD in the afternoon and we had a wonderful productive afternoon and that was in large part to Gretchen’s help! The evening was jam packed with an Alpenwear Fashion Show, eating of Cracklin’ Apple Pie Dessert and LOD and nails. Tired after a full day, everyone crawled into bed sleepy and clean and ready for a good nights rest.

This morning we are back into the wild on the Olympic National Park coastline for our 3-day beach backpacking trip, we’re looking forward to tidepools, campfires and jumping in waves! 

This is our last blog post for the trip as we again have limited cell service, maybe a few more pics if we can get them to post on Facebook and instagram. We’re having a great time!