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Main Salmon River Rafting

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Successful Idaho Rafting Trip

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 16:30

Rafting Alpengirl CampEveryone had an awesome 5-day raft trip on the Main Salmon River! Fiona, Gabi, Autumn, Isadora and Bea were our LOD’s during the trip. We all loved our raft guides, and we learned a ton about the river, wildlife, and rafting from them. Ella and Bea earned their Whitewater Raft Skill Beads while on the trip, which included paddling through a rapid in a duckie (they both paddled through multiple rapids!)and rowing the big rafts. Victoria was fearless in the duckie and loved challenging herself on the trip. Kyra, Gabi, Fiona and Ellie also spent lots of time in the duckies and had a blast navigating the rapids. With some whitewater experience under her belt, Isadora took the lead in the back of the tandem duckie for a whole day and steered through lots of rapids with girls who preferred the double over the single duckie. We all slept out under the stars every night, with the exception of one night where a sprinkle of rain caused everyone to head into their tents. It was hot and sunny most of the time on the river and some of us with more fair skin ended up covering up with towels or clothing because no amount of sunscreen could keep off the sun on these long fun river days. Ellie and Marnie both loved helping out around camp and especially loved helping with food preparation. The last night of the raft trip, we had meaningful and productive group conversation about advocating for your needs and the challenges of being with people 24 hours a day, and how to offer best support to one another. Jaiden, Autumn and Bea tapped into their acting skills and won our Alpengirl Cribs (aka Best Nest) Alpenolympic Event last night. The girls are currently enjoying a much needed sleep in day. Kyra and Jaiden are our LOD’s today as we head off to do some showers, laundry, food re-supply and swimming and more hot spring soaking! It’s been a great trip!