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Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft

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Swimming, SUPing and Riding

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 22:03

Raft Camp Girls AdventureDay 1: It was a delayed airport exit on the first day of camp, a few flights delayed but all ended up fine:) The Wild and Scenic Salmon Raft group enjoyed a stop in Shoshone, ID at a local park for their first dinner together "Welcome Burritos" with all the fixings with chips and salsa before finishing up the drive to their campsite in Sun Valley area. A quick demo of tent set-up, tent mate announcements and all to sleep in a cool weather evening at a lovely campsite.

Day 2: Thrilled to sleep-in:) The group woke for yoga and breakfast of Stuffed Strawberry French Toast and the intro to camp talks were completed, they learned about wildlife, lightening, Leave No Trace Camping and more! The group declared the Camp Skill Beads they are going for during the session and planned to start working on some of those later today. The Leader of the Day (LOD) was Ellie a return Alpengirl who was sweet, inclusive and very helpful all day long! Kudos went to Marni today for giving herself a food challenge - she's not a fan of strawberries, but gave the breakfast frech toast stuffed with berries a try anyway, still didn't win her over but loved it that she tried. This afternoon the group explored the nearby trail and found a swim spot on the river and Fiona was wonderful at leading the way to encourage all girls to jump in! Fiona is general has been a helper, a friend to all and good humored. Eliana won the 1st Alpenolympic Event ~ The Whale Breach Contest. Then, back at camp at about 4:30 pm to have Fire Bead girls start their campfires unassisted - they all did it and earned thier fire skill beads (Kyra, Autumn, Eliana). The cook group (Gabby, Isadora, Victoria) assisted in dinner prep and cooking the Tinfoil Pocket Stews over the campfire coals - it was a hit! S'mores too for dessert of course was popular! After that they got to learn more about eachother by playing the M&M Game - learning what favorite places they have, favorite movies, and future hopes and goals, etc. Then, another bedtime in cool weather after a hot sunny summer day.

Day 3: Today was an earlier start, and our LOD is Marni (selected by Ellie last night). We drove to Redfish Lake area to secure a campsite for the night before we rented our SUP's and kayaks for a few afternoon hours on the water which was lots of fun. Jaiden and Beatrice went out in the double kayak together - Beatrice was great at supporting Jaiden in her first time kayaking and then Jaiden showed her support for Beatrice when Beatrice wanted someone to try the SUP with - helping eachother out:) We dried off and geared up for our horse back ride which is happenning now and we will be suprising the girls with ice cream treats as soon as the ride is over!

Tonight: Tonight Alpenguides Sarah and Grace are attempting to make the pre-scheduled parent calls to let parents know how their campers are doing at camp, please look for BLOCKED phone numbers from the staff and if they miss you, they will leave a message for you.

Next: Tonight we're camping in the Redfish Lake area and tomorrow we will make our way to Salmon, ID to re-supply food, take showers and gas up before the drive down the long backcountry forest service road to meet our outfitters for camping riverside prior to raft trip that starts the following day. We are all super stoked to get on the river trip! Starting tomorrow evening, this trip will have satellite device communoication available only, so, we won't be able to post blog or photos until after the 5-day Raft Trip ends.