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Missing Camp?

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At-Home Ideas for Alpengirls Anywhere

Sun, 08/16/2020 - 17:02

Missing the fun and excitement of summer adventures with Alpengirl? Create some Alpengirl 'Altitude' at home with one, two, or all five of these activities:

Girls summer camp Yellowstone1. Take a trip down memory lane

Nothing brings back positive camp vides like looking through the highlight reel of your favorite Alpengirl shenanigans. Whether you were a 2018 Wild and Scenic Raft camper or a 2019 Montana Lil's camper (or you just want to see what camp looks like!), there's an album waiting to make you smile. Find session albums for summers 2011-2019 on the Alpengirl Facebook page.

Girls summer camp healthy dinner2. DIY a camp meal from the Alpengirl Cookbook

This recipe for Rice Bowls with Sassy Peanut Sauce from the Alpengirl Camp Cookbook is colorful, filling, and delicious, and you can whip it up from the comfort of your own home! You might even feel inspired to challenge your family to a "Best Presentation" Alpenolympic for the most beautiful bowl :) 

Girls yoga summer camp

3. Get some fresh air 

Nothing says Alpengirl like a summer breeze. Open a window, take a deep breath, look at the sky, notice the natural world...and remember the magic a little fresh air and sunshine can create. For extra Alpengirl energy, while you're outside, stretch a little (or try out an Alpenyoga pose) or practice your best Roadside Dance Party moves! 

Girls backpacking summer camp

4. Keep in touch

Unquestionably, camp friendships are one of the most important parts of Alpengirl adventures. Reach out to a camp friendwith a text or call, or video chat your camp buddies to make it feel like your tent mates never left your side. Or throw it back to Alpenessay writing day, and pull out a pen and paper to write a good old fashioned letter to a camp friend from afar. 

Girls Summer Camp Montana5. Start a countdown

Its never too early to start thinking about next summer. Whether you like to get crafty with paper and markers or use an app or website, have fun counting down the days until Alpengirl 2021!