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Alpenguides - Summer 2021

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Mon, 05/24/2021 - 14:00

Alpengirl Camp StaffSummer is getting closer and closer by the day, it’s warming up outside and the sun is shining! Alpengirls and guides alike are making preparations for some truly incredible trips and adventures this summer! You might be wondering who these inspirational, empowering, all-knowing superhero guides are. If so, you are totally in the right place!!  

All of the Alpenguides this summer are 100% outstanding women, they are the cream of the crop when it comes to most everything, especially leading girls on all sorts of wilderness adventures! Bam-Bam can whisper to horses, if you are lucky enough to ride horses with Bam-Bam, make sure you ask her for tips on understanding what the horses have to say about all the beautiful scenery, or if they want more carrots. Spontaneous Sparkle has many talents - she can speak three languages, make a mouth watering breakfast, dance and ski, while sparkling the whole time! Moose is an Alpengirl turned Alpenguide! Once upon a time, she was a camper learning how to make backcountry biscuits and gravy and set up tents; now she is an Alpenguide ready to teach the next generation of Alpengirls those same skills and empower them to become backcountry superstars! Then there is River, she hails from Houston, TX and has seen all of it, from penguins to glaciers, all of these adventures have taught her to be a quick-thinker, stay calm and always be curious. Don’t miss out on hearing some of River’s best stories or her acorn whistle.  

As if those Alpenguides weren’t amazing enough, there are more of them!! You can read all about every Alpenguide on the “Our Staff” page under the “About” tab. All of their flair and superpowers are sure to get you counting the days to summer adventures!