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Columbia, Cascades, and Coast Backpacking 2021

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Sliding on Snow and Sleeping Under the Stars!

Wed, 06/30/2021 - 20:44

Columbia, Cascades, and Coast Backpacking The CCC crew has had an amazing last few day of exploring and backpacking. They started off hiking to the beautiful Falls Creek Falls, all the girls loved the waterfall and decided to take a dip in the creek on the hike down. Naturally, the whale breach Alpenolympic event took place and Taylor took home the gold with her incredible impression of a whale bursting forth from the water. 

The girls then all rejoiced when Amaya receive her care package that included hot chocolate for all! That night at Beaver Campground Julianna, Nava, Jane, Amaya, and Taylor all successfully built fires and practiced proper fire safety earning them the fire skill bead! Dinner that night was some hearty campfire pocket stew. Before bed Caitlin won the eco spray tooth paste spraying Alpenolympic, her spray was so well dispersed the campers said it look like a puff of perfume. Caitlin has also been helping everyone purify their water and practice safe drinking as she works toward her water bead!

The next day was the start of the 3.5 backpack to Butte Dome and despite the heat the girls made it to their first backcountry camping destination. Evelyn and Taylor who are going for a shelter bead proved that they know tents when they both set up and took down their own tents without help! That night many of the girls decided it was the perfect place to sleep under the stars! 

Day two of their backpacking journey consisted of a 5 mile hike up to and on Loowit Trail. Once above treeline the girls were thrilled to find snow and a breathtaking view of Mount St. Helens. The girls did some penguin sliding on the snow to cool down before heading back to camp. That night it was time for the talent show! Jane and Keali won with the show-stopping lip sync of Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby”. The other girls did a stunning dance number to “Hot and Cold” by Katy Perry ending the routine with an impressive human pyramid. 

Waking up still reminiscing on their talent the girls ventured 4.5 miles to Blue Lake for some swimming and a game of Fish Bowl. That night they filled up on a flavorful veggie ramen from scratch with backcountry tiramisu for dessert. Everyone was lulled to sleep by the sound of croaking frogs and the lovely alpenglow on the lake! 

The next morning the girls were up and ready for their last day of backpacking lead by LOD Nava who helped guide a quick return to the trailhead. Nava also assisted in planning the rest of the camp meals. To say the least the girls are all very excited for the Nutella Waffles that are now on the menu as they head out to their coastal campsite on Cape Disappointment. 

This morning Julianna who is going for her food skill bead was in charge of the breakfast, she helped direct guide Sofia on how to make pancakes which everyone loved. While they cooked breakfast Finleigh led a wonderful yoga practice on the beach, she is doing great work as she tried to earn her yoga bead!

The alpenguides have been impressed by all the campers who have decided to go for the group living skill bead and how well everyone has been working together at camp, it has been amazing start to the summer with these girls! Today the group set off to explore the Washington coast by walking the Lewis and Clark discovery trail and to check out a lighthouse in the area!