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Day 3: Cascades & Coast Adventure

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Lots of Water Activity!

Thu, 06/24/2021 - 23:03

Rafting Alpengirl CampWe’ve had a busy fun packed first few days to kick off camp! 

Everyone arrived at the airport and we headed to our campsite in the Columbia River Gorge area to introduce life at camp such as meals and tents, mixed with lots of fun name games, including Ninja and a dinner of Welcome Burritos, Chips & Salsa.

Our first full day started with morning yoga before whitewater rafting with our awesome raft guides from Wet Planet. 

Finleigh was chosen as our first Leader of the Day(LOD)and helped keep everyone smiling and laughing throughout the entire day 1st full day together. 

Taylor was brave enough to go for a swim in the river and everyone enjoyed riding on the front of the raft to get splashed and cool off. 

Keali excelled with strong paddling skills and great positive spirit leading us through the rapids! 

Alpengirl CCC GroupWe’ve been fortunate to have sunny, warm weather and river activities yesterday and today have helped us stay cool during the day, it’s going to remain hot for several days - luckily, we are headed to the mountain next where the forest service report is that there’s still some snow on the ground where we are camping at about 4,000 ft after a high snow pack year in these mountains!

Evelyn won our first Alpenolympic event, the “Nalgene Shot Put” with her great moves and points for style. 

Nava received the first care package “The Entertainer” and everyone enjoyed an extra snack, a craft and silly costume pieces. 

Our excellent cook group, Jane, Juliana, and Amaya prepared a delicious meal of teriyaki stir fry with stuffed apricots as an appetizer. 

Alpengirl Wet Planet RaftingLast night everyone declared the skills beads they would go for during camp and were excited to master skills such as yoga, cooking and navigation! 

During our evening “nails” gathering, Caitlin was chosen as the next LOD to help keep the group motivated and moving today with a packed day of kayaking on the Klickitat River with our Wet Planet kayaking guide. Cait’s excellent DJ skills turned the van ride into an Alpenparty!

We’re looking forward to arriving at our new campground tonight closer to Mt St Helens, cooking more yummy food next with a river nearby and seeing new beautiful sites with mountains and waterfalls tomorrow!

We’ll start our backpacking on Saturday with a 3 mile hike to a campsite at approx. 4,000 ft and we will be blogging again after backpacking ends - look for our next post on the 29th or 30th when we are on the PNW coast!