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Montana Wild Canoeist II

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Heading North - To The Missouri River

Thu, 06/24/2021 - 23:38

MT Wild Canoeist II AlpengirlOur 8 MT Wild Canoeists, 2 Alpenguides (Rose & Ellie) and Missouri River Outfitter Guide (Heather) are launching on the river tomorrow morning! They are setting up camp now on the banks of the mighty Missouri and the boat launch site.  

The first few days of camp were spent getting ready to spend a week on the river away from it all:) The group camped at the headwaters of the Missouri River and toured the Gates of the Mountains by boat where they received more than a few great dad jokes from the boat captain that was providing lots of information about the area and pointing out pictographs on the canyon walls and seeing a deer swim across the river. 

The group inched closer to Fort Benton, MT and camped at Holter Lake last night (photo of sunset at Holter Lake Campsite) and then a final food shop for all the freshies in Great Falls this morning before arriving at the campground and launch site in N Central Montana tonight.

Elsa was selected to be the the first Leader of the Day (LOD) and set a great example for the others. Zoe and Kaile worked together to cook the group a delicious teriyaki beef stir fry dinner last night. The M & M game was played with the group and all enjoyed learning names and sharing facts about themselves and are becoming closer by the day. Ella (Mey.)won a game of Ninja and everybody has been making friendship bracelets (thanks to Elsa for bringing the string and teaching:) 

Tonight we’ll have our first Alpenolympic event called “The Best Nest”. Cait is our LOD today, and has been crushing it with the organization and has proven to be an excellent DJ in the van. Tenny is super helpful as well, always pitching in to help out.  Ella (Men.) is going to be our LOD tomorrow as we get on the river and overall she has taken a lead in asking questions to help the group get to know each other by asking unique and insightful q’s such as “what time period would you travel to if you could?” and “if you could only listen to three albums for rest of life what would it be?”

Ashlyn has been keeping spirits high during our drives with her humor! There has been some drizzling rain today (thank goodness- a cool-off and some fresh air!), but the week is supposed to be HOT so we will be in the water a lot.  

As for camp skill beads, most people chose the navigation bead, which will be fun for canoeing. Tenny chose yoga and wilderness first aid. Many of them chose to go for the camp group living skill bead, and the girls are already talking about activities such as more friendship bracelets and compliment circles.

Everyone is healthy and happy and excited to get on the water tomorrow! There will not be another blog post until after the canoe trip ends - look for a post July 2 when the group is off the river and out of the backcountry. Onward Alpengirl Voyagers!