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Alpengirl Horse Camp I

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Hot Springs & Camp Intros

Tue, 07/06/2021 - 18:43

Hot spring soaking MontanaFrom the Alpenguides Serena & Arlee: 

Start of Yellowstone Horse Camp I… We arrived happy and cheerful to our first campsite next to the Gallatin River! After a bit of rainy weather we enjoyed delicious Welcome Burritos followed by surprise red white and blue fluffy cookies with sprinkles on top - Happy 4th of July! We all learned how to set up tents Alpengirl style, and Sofia helped by sharing her previous Alpengirl knowledge! We played a welcoming M&M Getting To Know You game, where Maddie dove right in with asking the questions. The group slept soundly in their new tents with their tentmates and ready to conquer day 2!  

On the 2nd day of camp, Allie was selected as the LOD (Leader of the Day) and helped get everyone up and moving! It was a rainy and cloudy morning without seeing the sun, however Grace kept everyone’s spirits high by making jokes and keeping everyone motivated and cheerful. Breakfast was delicious Strawberry French Toast. 

During the introduction to camp living talks, Evelyn shared her knowledge of wildlife and Sylvia re-enacted a thunderstorm spectacularly and dramatically which was fun! Next up the group learned about Leave No Trace camping (LNT) and about hygiene in the backcountry. An Alpenolympic “Cat Hole” Digging event was won by a group of 4 Alpengirls and Molly was especially good at digging spectacular cat holes! Abby enjoyed leading the group in a game of Camouflage in the brush at the campsite. Next everyone picked their camp skill beads. Maddie learned how to do some splinting to start earning her Wilderness First Aid Skill Bead. Caroline is working on earning her Shelter Skill Bead and she slept under the stars last night along with most of the other campers - it was a clear and starry night! Last night Lena Marie was really helpful in cooking Teriyaki Stir Fry dinner for all to enjoy!  

Unfortunately, the foul weather lasted until the late afternoon yesterday with wind, rain and cold temperatures, too cold for our scheduled river float trip we had planned on, but then later as the sun started to appear and clouds drifted away they did jump around a bit in the river and were up for playing lots of games instead and all seemed happy enough even in the weather. The evening cleared up and allowed a frisbee tossing and a fun night soaking in the natural hot spring pool nearby - the pool was reserved just for our private group, it was fun (Poison Dart Frog game and Tova had an especially good time splashing and playing games in the water), it was lovely (beautiful sunset), it was relaxing (no other people)and it was warm (after a cooler day this was really great way to wind down).

The group all had a splendid day yesterday and today they are excited to swim and bask in the sun while picnicking on Taco Salad at the bright blue lake closer to the horses. A music play list has been started for today’s drive to the lake. The traditional Alpenolympic Whale Breach Event will take place this afternoon and make your own Calzones are on the menu for tonight’s dinner. Also tonight they will do some hair braiding (in advance of meeting the horses and donning the riding helmets), and they will spend some time packing backcountry food and gear to be in the mountains for the pack trip starting tomorrow afternoon.

The next photo and blog post from the Horse I Alpengirls will be July 11 or 12 when the pack trip is completed.