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Backpacking Summit to Sea

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2 Successful Backpacking Trips

Fri, 07/30/2021 - 15:29

From Olympic Sea to Summit: The backpacking bella’s had an exciting 2 trips trekking through Olympic national park and the Washington coastal beach. Driving up into the mountains, there was excitement all around the group to start, especially after our roadside dance party on the top of Hurricane Ridge! Emily was our first backpacking LOD and set a great pace for the reminder of our trip and successfully led us to Moose lake. While the bugs were particularly present at camp, it did not take away from the beautiful sunset views over the lake and rocks, which we enjoyed with a sweet brownie treat.
During morning yoga, Kairine got to lead the whole group in a sun salutation, making it one step closer to achieving her yoga bead. Maddy was up and ready for the day after enjoying LOD tea as the morning sun hit the rocks and lake. Our day hike was a challenging 6 mile trip uphill, but the summit views were 100% worth it all! Emily won our yodeling Alpenolympic event at the peak and all the girls sang at the top of their lungs into the surrounding mountains. Nora led the group to slide down a glacier snow patch like a sledding hill, some girls say that was the most they laughed all trip! Back down, Eliza was first to swim in ice cold glacier water, inspiring a few others to jump in. Mac and cheese was a filling dinner after the long day and we ate as Katie heroiclly saved Brooklyn’s towel from being stolen by a bold deer. Our last day, Brooklyn stepped up as LOD and was a strong leader for a busy day. Tosca sang disney songs loud and proud so we could finish the hike to the van with high spirits. We were pleasantly surprised with familiar faces (another Alpengirl group!) at the Olympic wilderness center. After hot showers at our frontcountry campsite, we already started preparing for our beach backpacking trip the next day! Our hike involved useing ropes to avoid forested headlands, which was an unexpected challenge, but the girls rose to the occasion and supported each other through it. Our beach campsite let us run into the ocean to swim or relax in the sand before dinner. After the camel returned with water, we had our long awaited Alpengirl talent show! The sunset on the beach painted a perfect backdrop for our stage as our emcee, Brooklyn presented our acts. We had everything from Shakespeare with Maddy, a story written by Emily and a special performance from the “wormies” - Anabelle, Brooklyn & Katie, which had everyone rolling on the ground with laughter and even a full group performance cleverly imitating their Alpenguides;) Ultimately it was Tosca who won with her thoughtful poetry she wrote each day of camp. At the final moments of sunset, the girls all walked down to a spit to enjoy the views and take in the scenery. That night the stars painted a gorgeous picture in the clear night sky, a sight some of us had never seen before in our life. It was a perfect end to a tremendous backpacking experience. Our hike out was also no east feat, but the girls felt empowered to finish strong and reach the van for peanut butter. That night was a time to reflect on everything we’ve been through the past 2 weeks with our Alpenessays. Girls wrote about things like why they come to camp, how they’ve changed since day 1 and how challenges they face make them more appreciative. Anabelle did an amazing job capturing the essence and spirit of Alpengirl in her essay. At evening circle, a few happy tears were shed as we shared our favorite trip memories and dredded the thought of having to say goodbye soon. However we were reminded that we still have a full day of ice cream, tidepooling, shopping, pizza and friends. We are excited to enjoy a day to just be with each other and share some last laughs without heavy packs to carry or strong winds to paddle through. It has been a crazy fun adventure these past 2 weeks, and we’re focusing on living in the moment one last time while soaking up every last memory together.