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Beach Backpacking Trip

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Coastal Backpackers - Hurray!

Wed, 07/28/2021 - 14:45

WA Coast Backpackers IIFrom WA Coast Backpacker II Alpenguides (Mattie & Rose): After 6 days of backpacking we have finally emerged covered in sand and smiles!

The crew trekked some 20 plus miles through the vast coastal Olympic landscape navigating tides, slippery rocks, and the occasional whale carcass. We spotted sea lions, starfish, and even a beach dwelling black bear!

We had an amazing talent show with a special performance of the twilight movies. During hiking they narrated movies and kept everyone entertained with Disney song choruses.

Each night the crew slept out under the stars on the beaches and embraced the morning sea breeze at our lovely campsites.

We are now celebrating in the front country enjoying homemade pizzas dancing the night away in fort Townsend!