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Cascades Sea to Summit Alpengirls

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Start of Camp, Rafting, Backpacking Next

Tue, 07/20/2021 - 13:16

Rafting in the North CascadesFrom Cascades Sea to Summit Alpenguides (Sarah & Arlee): It's our first full day of camp together and we've got a great group of Alpengirls! Grace is has been a huge help with her prior Alpengirl knowledge of tent setup, helping to teach the others all the tips and tricks to setting up our new homes. Ila has revealed her secret talent at camouflaging with the natural environment in the game ‘camouflage.’ She also fell off the raft and was all smiles while on the Skagit River. Callen has shown her excitement at trying to new things and can’t wait to start backpacking. Mira and Sophia became fast friends over their love of Minecraft. They then both ‘rode the bull’ on the whitewater raft and faced the rapids! Ursula has kept the group laughing at all times with the biggest smile on her face. Ella was our first LOD and got the rest of the group up and ready for the day, showing off fantastic leadership skills. Emily has kept everyone on their toes and in good spirits with her endless supply of jokes. Avery jumped in the freezing cold Skagit river at least 4 times!! Stoke is high at CSS to go backpacking soon and to make it to the bakery at Stehekin 1/2 way through the hike!

We will be backpacking from the 20th - 25th and we'll post another blog and photos after that when we are back in the front country on the coast:)