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Majestic Big Sky Alpengirls

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Backpackers - Trailhead in SW MT

Sun, 07/18/2021 - 15:18

Majestic Big Sky AlpengirlsFrom Alpenguides (Ellie, Natalie, Anna): A great group of girls have arrived at camp!

We are off to a great start and Avery won our first alpenolympic event, a micro-trash competition - she was able to pick up the most pieces of trash around our campsite so we can "leave no trace", helping the guides keep the campsite nice and clean for the next folks.

Ally got very into the get to know you M & M game, and helped come up with some great questions for the group.

Amelia is our leader of the day (LOD) and is doing a great job! She is great at pulling everyone together and keeping them on task.

First tent group to get their tent all set up was Evie, Paige, Olivia and Makhya - their tent was up in record time!

Nissa, Alexa and Isabelle were all up and ready before everyone else, which the guides were very excited to see.

Ramona was very excited and dedicated to our first yoga session. She was excited to try all the poses and set a great example for the other girls.

As this blog post is being written on day 2 of camp, the girls are off whitewater rafting the Gallatin River! Everyone is looking forward to starting our backpacking trip after that. We got a bit of rain during the night last night but nothing our well put up tents couldn’t handle. Nothing but clear blue skies are in our future now!

Our next blog post and photo will be after the backpacking trip ends, we hope to have it posted oin July 21!