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Montana Backpacking Success!

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Backcountry Lakes, Yoga & Sunsets

Wed, 07/21/2021 - 14:56

Majestic Big Sky Alpengirl BckpackersJuly 20, 2021. Backpacking Success ~ these Alpengirls crushed the backpacking trip! Highlights include swimming in mountain lakes, doing yoga in a meadow of flowers, pushing themselves on the big 7 mile day and delicious hot chocolate to celebrate being in the backcountry. Weather was wonderful and skipping rocks at sunset while the trout leapt around us was breathtaking.

Other highlights about the campers:

Ramona won our Alpenolympic backcountry toothpaste spray competition. Her toothpaste spray made everyone around her laugh hard!

Evie was our leader of the day during our 7 mile hike and was a big help with navigation. She was working hard towards earneing her navigation skill bead.

Paige is leader of the day today and has been very helpful with keeping everyone moving and helping the guides with packing.

Ally was very interested in the wildflowers and was identifying them all along the trail. She was teaching the other girls the ones we were seeing.

Nissa lead a great trail game and read her book out loud to all of her tent mates every single night before lights out.

Olivia showed true grit and determination during the backpacking trip. She stepped far outside her comfort zone and will always be proud of the trip.

Avery found many very interesting rocks while hiking on the trails, rose quartz galore! We loved looking and passing them around before putting them right back where we found them.

Makhya set up her tent all by herself the first night of backpacking to work toward earning her shelter skill bead, she was very proud of her work.

Alexa had a very positive attitude during backpacking and kept everyone smiling by leading many trail songs.

Isabelle and Amelia found joy in whittling many different things for their camp mates. Many masterpieces were shared.

Now in West Yellowstone, weather is less wonderful here but everyone is persevering through the rain and thunder. Heading to floating the Henry's Fork tomorrow.

The scheduled parent call from staff (not campers) will be later in the afternoon after we finish floating on July 21:)